Insider, Loved by British Brands, including Samsung, Clarins, and Marks & Spencer, Named the 5th Best Software Product in the World by G2

[London, June 21, 2024] – Insider, the #1 AI-native platform for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, has been named the 5th Best Software Product in the world with the most #1 rankings by G2. The news comes as it unveils its latest AI innovations, enhanced features, and integrations to empower British brands and address the most pressing challenges faced by marketers and CX leaders in the UK.

With ongoing economic uncertainty in 2024, and an election looming, the latest economic reports forecast that while consumer spending may increase in line with falling inflation and wage growth, competition on pricing continues, squeezing profit margins for many [UK] retailers and brands. Delivering a truly engaging and unique customer experience per person at scale is the key to building customer loyalty and driving profitable growth. Insider’s latest AI-native product innovations reflect these changing consumer trends and ensure its impressive portfolio of businesses—including one-third of the Fortune 500 and companies like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Slazenger, Vodafone, Estée Lauder, Virgin, GAP, Santander, and Singapore Airlines—gain immediate access to these innovations to effortlessly elevate their customer experience.

“We are experiencing exponential growth in the UK. More British brands are moving from traditional, clunky cloud players to Insider, taking advantage of our Switch to Insider program -—which guarantees minimal effort, zero. downtime, and guarantees the quickest time to value, allowing marketing teams to achieve more growth while driving higher productivity and efficiency. After moving into the G2 Best Software Product leaderboard six months ago, Insider has climbed to position #5, taking its place among generational tech companies, including, Google, and Hubspot. This recognition is a testament to Insider’s dedication to redefining customer experiences through our AI-native solution. Our product, combined with our focus on integrations, and unparalleled local customer support is proof that marketers can and should be able to have it all.” says Kubilay Sengun, VP of Europe at Insider. 

Insider’s latest product updates:

The world’s most comprehensive Generative AI solution for CX

Sirius AI™, Insider’s patent-pending AI solution for customer experience combines the power of Predictive, Conversational, and Generative AI, large language models, and machine learning to make marketing teams 60% more productive and uncover new opportunities to drive growth and revenue.

With Sirius AI™, marketers can build targeted segments in a fraction of the time, orchestrate connected customer journeys based on preferred outcomes in seconds, generate copy automatically, and enable two-way conversations on autopilot. Sirius AI™ solves marketers’ biggest frustrations, which decelerates business growth and revenue. Sirius AI™ removes weeks of manual effort and eliminates guesswork at every level of customer experience creation.

Conversational CX: Engage audiences with contextual, two-way conversations

Insider’s latest updates in Conversational CX allow brands to engage in unstructured, two-way conversations across channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Web, App, to market, sell, and support users at any stage of the customer journey. Insider’s Conversational CX solution offers an extensive library of pre-built conversational blocks, empowering brands to interact with consumers in the conversational style they would use with their family and friends.

This solution reflects the changing dynamics of customer-business interactions, with customers now preferring immediate attention to their needs through two-way dialogues instead of browsing and clicking on CTAs. Brands can now seamlessly deliver data-driven, contextual, automated conversations—on autopilot—by leveraging context from Insider’s CDP to ensure every conversation is relevant and meaningful based on customer preferences and other attributes. This includes WhatsApp Commerce, WhatsApp Flows, and chatbots.

Insider offers a single solution for intelligent conversational customer experiences on the channels customers care about

“Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce has fundamentally changed how we interact with our customers. We can now meet them where they already are and offer a complete order experience from within their favorite app. Introducing WhatsApp conversational commerce into our channels has reduced cart abandonment by 61% and improved AOV by 38%.” — Ecommerce Director, Leading Grocery Retailer

Introducing the AI-native CDP for driving enterprise-scale CX orchestration 

Disconnected data poses a significant threat to businesses, leading to substantial revenue loss. In the US and UK, studies show that disconnected data costs companies at least $140 billion every year. Insider has introduced its AI-native Customer Data Platform designed to revolutionize data management and drive impactful customer experiences. Unlike traditional CDPs that merely collect data, Insider’s AI-native CDP harnesses the power of multi-sourced data to create seamless and context-rich experiences. With the ability to process 4.5 billion data points weekly and generate over 14 billion AI predictions monthly, Insider’s CDP empowers businesses to: integrate data from any source, create the most comprehensive view of the customer, ensure data integrity, and leverage actionable analytics.

Boost product discovery through search results and category pages with AI-powered Search Merchandising 

Searchandising (from “search merchandising”) with Eureka means brands can now leverage AI to tailor search results, highlight the most relevant products based on shopper intent, and customize and organize search results to meet business goals via criteria or rules. 

These updates will help marketers make well-informed decisions based on available product inventory by promoting excess stock products or deprioritizing products that are low- or out-of-stock. Brands can adapt to seasonal changes faster by promoting products for shorter periods and then quickly disabling the defined rules, promoting the most popular and in-demand brands to increase revenues quickly, or promoting new products to ensure they start selling. 

Customize search results and category pages for online shoppers with Search Merchandising 

Insider now integrates seamlessly with Snowflake, Census, and Amazon S3 to enrich campaigns with stronger personalization

Insider is committed to helping businesses build an ecosystem that best serves their needs and customers, by building deep integrations and partnerships with other leading marketing technology vendors. 

Brands can now sync their Snowflake data with Insider to trigger tailored campaigns across 12+ channels. As Insider activates warehouse data across messaging channels, every customer interaction is tracked and collected, allowing brands to easily share engagement data with Snowflake to enrich warehouse insights.

Businesses using Census can now connect their Census data warehouse to Insider via Reverse ETL technology, activating their entire cloud data warehouse without SQL. Marketers can engage users by triggering tailored campaigns from their data warehouse with accurate personalization based on customers’ unique characteristics and past interactions.

Insider’s integration with Amazon S3 enables brands to quickly and easily personalize their website experience with Insider’s 140+ ready-made onsite templates, AI-native recommendation blocks, social media-like stories, and more. As Insider activates the data across messaging channels, every customer interaction is tracked and collected and can be shared with Amazon S3 for flawless data integrity.

Here’s what Insider’s customers have to say

“Insider has become so much more than a technology partner for us. They own our growth targets like their own and always share best practices and industry know-how, helping us skip trial-and-error phases to achieve results faster. We’ve managed to achieve 6X ROI from the [platform] already.”
Group Head of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Vodafone

“The partnership has exceeded even our most ambitious expectations. Last year we observed a 72X ROI. We are so happy. With Insider, we finally have a unified view of each customer. We can identify previously unknown visitors, track their behavior and personalize their experience accordingly. We have generated exceptional results.”
CRM Manager, NA-KD

“I would absolutely recommend Insider. They are a great partner to work with. We work in a very agile environment and they are super responsive, always next to us with anything that we need, especially in peak times where we need quick solutions.”
E-commerce Content Manager, Clarins

Insider’s recent recognition

Insider’s momentum is recognized in its most recent milestones and recognitions, including:

Insider growth in the UK continues 

Insider recently sponsored IRX & eDX Conference and Etail in the UK. Both events brought together CX professionals, marketers, and thought leaders in to explore the latest trends in CX. At IRX & eDX Conference, Insider’s Senior Digital Consultant, Jon Dixon, hosted a session on why building strong relationships with customers goes beyond simply offering a product or service. While Insider’s Sales Manager Emily Maddox had the opportunity to sit down with Juliana Allegrini, Global Head of Marketing at Generation (and Insider customer) to discuss how Insider helped the brand revolutionize their marketing strategy through AI automation and personalization. 

In light of Insider’s continued business growth, our expanding client base, and to ensure our British customers continue to receive exceptional local customer support, Insider is hiring in its UK team, including the following roles:  Customer Success Manager, Sales Development Representative, and Enterprise Account Executive.