Insider strengthens its footprint in MEA & India with 3X growth following a series of customer wins, including Samsung, Jarir, KOJ, MyAster, Arab National Bank and Vogacloset

Insider, a single platform for building individualized, cross-channel experiences, today announced 3X growth in twelve months. This news comes following notable customer wins – including Samsung, Jarir, KOJ, MyAster, Arab National Bank and Vogacloset – and continued expansion among existing customers.

Insider powers hundreds of MEA & India brands across industries like retail, eCommerce, financial services and banking, telecommunications, media and entertainment, and travel and hospitality. Insider’s impressive MEA & India growth comes despite a softening economy and uncertainty.

The economic outlook and consumers’ reduced spending power have led many marketing and CX leaders to focus on consolidating tech stacks. Their mission is to reduce overlapping costs, gather revenue-driving insights otherwise lost in disconnected systems, and unlock more substantial ROI and business value from each investment. This renewed focus on driving profitable growth from CX technologies has significantly contributed to Insider’s growth in the region, given its proven ability to deliver ROI 3X faster than any other vendor (G2).

“At Insider we’re growing very quickly in MEA & India market for delivering the best CX journey with excellent local account management and support to our customers. We are also expanding our local team in Dubai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, and South Africa offices to meet demands and satisfy the customers,” says Leo Thomas, Managing Director at Insider and continued to add “Our commitment is to combine local know-how with global expertise to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This commitment was recently recognized when our team won The Gainsight Dream Team Award. G2 users also rate our ‘Quality of Support’ as 9.6/10, one of the highest scores compared to any other vendor.”

“We’re witnessing amazing demand from the MEA & India’s top brands and retailers thanks to our robust solution, which was created expressly for marketing and eCommerce teams to produce outstanding, growth-driving CX initiatives,” adds Ajish Pillai, Commercial Director at Insider.

“Our 5/5 ranking in 16 key Forrester product criteria for Cross-Channel Campaign Management – including ‘Personalization’ and ‘Predictive analytics and machine learning’ – gives our customers confidence in the platform,” says Bharat Mittal, Partner Success Team Director at Insider and continued to add “Our customers are looking to consolidate and simplify their customer journey on the web, mobile or mobile app. Especially Insider WhatsApp product meets a lot of demands in MEA & India market.”

“We have recently made several exciting announcements, including our acquisition of Meta-verified Messaging Platform, MindBehind, which will enable Middle Eastern and multinational brands and retailers to deliver end-to-end shopping experiences within messaging applications like WhatsApp. We are proud that our customers will lead the way as some of the first brands in the world able to deliver this new generation of end-to-end customer experiences, forever changing the dialogue between brands and consumers”.

You can learn more about our latest product launch, WhatsApp Commerce, here.

What our customers say: 

Verified User @ The Perfume Shop

“8.7x ROI with Insider’s multi-channel marketing hub in just one quarter”

What do you like best about Insider?

Insider has consistently helped us achieve our growth targets. We started using their mobile capabilities and were impressed by how much we were able to connect with our customers through non-traditional channels. Since then, we have decided to invest in InStory, as well, a social-media-inspired feature that offers an interactive way of showcasing products to improve [product] discovery. This feature comes with 100+ different templates, which our e-commerce team has a lot of fun using. This, too, has impressed the team very much, and we are now planning to implement their Smart Recommender and Architect, their customer journey builder, in the next quarter.

What problems is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you?

Insider’s AI engine is brilliant, and we haven’t seen notifications so well-timed and personalized for individual customers before. With Insider’s help, we have improved our personalization experience exponentially, so much so that more and more recurring customers of ours have been converted to VIP customers, significantly increasing their LTV, which is why we are continuing to invest in more Insider features to add to our marketing toolkit. Their account management team is second to none! They offer strategic support and give us recommendations that are impactful. We have already improved our revenue and customer retention rates since using Web Push and InStory.

Verified User in Retail Industry

“When you want to deliver an omnichannel customer journey, Insider fits the bill”

What do you like best about Insider?

Insider’s segmentation and AI-infused journey builder tools really help marketers create unique customer journeys across channels in a seamless manner. When we combine this with their various products for web, mobile web and app what you get is an amazing tool that has you covered for any situation. What we like best is the all-inclusive nature of their platform.

What problems is Insider solving and how is that benefiting you?

Our goal was to create these omnichannel experiences that meet each user’s individual requirements. We also wanted a solution that would enable us to communicate with your customers across multiple channels like emails, web push, app push and Ads. with Insider, we found a one-stop solution for all of this—their behavioural segmentation feature and intent-based targeting helped us target users individually across all touchpoints of their journey with us and we’ve seen our key-engagement metrics improve significantly in just under 3 months.  Read full review

Digital Sales & Merchandising Manager @ Bugaboo

“A great platform that personalizes our customer experience and drives additional revenue.”

What do you like best?

What I like most about the Insider platform is that it’s really easy to use. The team provides great training to get you started quickly, but there’s so much more you can learn by experimenting and having fun with it. It’s very intuitive.

What I’m most excited about is the customer journeys based on product affinity that we are building. I think that’s an amazing capability to have and believe it will be really powerful.

What problems is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you?

Our existing tech stack, predominantly Salesforce Marketing Cloud, didn’t facilitate the level of personalization we wanted to provide to our customers. Insider enabled us to achieve our personalization goals, integrating easily with Marketing Cloud… > Read full review

Today, Insider is ranked as the #1 Leader across 6 categories, including Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Personalization Engines, Personalization Software, Mobile Marketing, Customer Journey Analytics, and E-commerce Personalization.

Looking forward to the future: 

We will continue to support our partners with local account management and customer success teams to provide our winning combination of global expertise paired with local know-how.

Our product roadmap is continuing to accelerate as we develop industry-leading products that are proven to deliver more profitability, growth, and revenue for our customers.

Our goal remains steadfast; to support our customers with their customer experience initiatives through our market-leading solutions and local strategic guidance.