Insider Launches Improved Global Partner Program To Driver Further Profitable Growth For Channel Partners

Insider, the world’s leading platform for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, announced today the launch of a fully redesigned Global Partner Program offering industry-leading benefits to its channel partners. The newly strengthened partner program caters to the entire channel partner ecosystem including consultancies, digital agencies, system integrators, and independent software vendors. 

The Global Partner Program will drive enhanced value for customers by offering tailored value propositions unique to each partnership focused on better solving their pain points and needs. Channel partners will benefit from streamlined sales motions, co-marketing opportunities, world-class training and certification programs, and monetary incentives. 

“Insider is fully committed to strengthening the relationships within our partner ecosystem, and fostering new partnerships, too. That’s why our Global Partner Program aims to provide even more meaningful benefits,” says Pradipta Dutta, Global VP of Partnerships and Alliances.

Insider’s Global Partner Program offers four program tiers, with each tier based upon targeted business results and increased benefits for channel partners in higher tiers. 

“Our entire Partner Program is structured to promote upward mobility for our channel partners as they progress through each tier,” says Pradipta. “As the channel partners move up through the tiers, they unlock new program benefits which pave the way for even stronger partnerships.”

This approach ensures a partner-first model which values simplicity, protection, growth, and profitability for each of Insider’s partners. The model has helped Insider build highly-engaged channel partnerships with mutually profitable go-to-market strategies, offering transparency on pipeline and deal flow.

“While the Partner Program offers industry-leading partnership incentives of the monetary kind,” says Pradipta, “The success of the program lies in enabling our channel partners to attach their own offerings—such as a subscription to their platform or consulting, advisory, or marketing services—to help them build and drive a new revenue stream.”

From joint marketing opportunities—such as generating new leads from Insider’s dedicated sales teams or showcasing new product features in PR and content marketing materials—to mutual selling opportunities, Insiders Global Partner Program helps partners extend their reach, broaden brand awareness, and be recognized by leading analysts around the world.

“The entire program is designed to help our partners close even bigger deals, even faster than normal,” says Serhat Soyuerel, Chief Revenue Officer at Insider. “Insider has always been at the bleeding edge of technology and platform capabilities. Our Partner Program further widens the gap between us and our competition. Insider along with its partner ecosystem will offer unmatched value to our customers.”

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