Insider announces 275% YoY growth in Bangkok following a series of customer wins, including Thai Airways, BigC, Com7 Public Company Limited, and iStudio by Copperwired

Insider, a single platform for building individualized, cross-channel experiences, today announced 275% YoY growth in twelve months. This news comes following notable customer wins – including Thai Airways, BigC, Com7 Public Company Limited, and iStudio by Copperwired  – and continued expansion among existing customers.

Insider powers around fifty of Bangkok brands across industries like retail, eCommerce, financial services and banking, telecommunications, media and entertainment, and travel and hospitality. Insider’s impressive Bangkok growth comes despite a softening economy.

The economic outlook and consumers’ reduced spending power have led many marketing and CX leaders to focus on consolidating tech stacks. Their mission is to reduce overlapping costs, gather revenue-driving insights otherwise lost in disconnected systems, and unlock more substantial ROI and business value from each investment. This renewed focus on driving profitable growth from CX technologies has significantly contributed to Insider’s growth in the region, given its proven ability to deliver ROI 3X faster than any other vendor (G2). 

To support business growth and ensure clients receive exceptional local customer support, Insider has also announced plans to grow the Bangkok team.

“At Insider, we’re renowned for delivering fantastic local account management and support to our customers. Our commitment is to combine local know-how with global expertise to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This commitment was recently recognized when our team won The Gainsight Dream Team Award. G2 users also rate our ‘Quality of Support’ as 9.6/10, one of the highest scores compared to any other vendor. In light of continued growth in Bangkok, we are actively recruiting account managers and customer support professionals” says Jack Nguyen, Regional Managing Director SEA at Insider.
“I’m delighted to announce that in light of continued Bangkok growth, we’ll be relocating to larger new premises in a fantastic location. We’re also actively recruiting account managers and customer support professionals.”

“With a robust product – built specifically for marketing and eCommerce teams to deliver outstanding, growth-driving CX initiatives – we’re witnessing phenomenal interest from Bangkok’s leading brands and retailers,” adds Jack Nguyen, Regional Managing Director SEA at Insider.

“Our 5/5 ranking in 16 key Forrester product criteria for Cross-Channel Campaign Management – including ‘Personalization’ and ‘Predictive analytics and machine learning’ – gives our customers confidence in the platform.”

“Typically, our customers are looking to consolidate and simplify their tech stack – either by moving away from single-point solutions that keep data locked in silos or by turning their backs on clunky cloud players which are difficult to integrate and use,” says Jack Nguyen. 

Insider recently announced that it became a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) following the acquisition of Meta-verified Messaging Platform, MindBehind, and launched WhatsApp Commerce to help brands deliver end-to-end buying experiences.

You can learn more about our latest product launch, WhatsApp Commerce, here.

Insider is a market leader for personalized omnichannel experiences receiving top marks and positioning in: The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines, and IDC MarketScape Worldwide Customer Data Platforms. Insider has received over 560+ customer reviews, making them a top-rated and #1 leader in G2’s Winter 2023 Report across 6 categories, including Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Personalization Engines, Personalization Software, Mobile Marketing, Customer Journey Analytics, and E-commerce Personalization

What our customers say: 

Head of Digital Product in Consumer Electronics

“Massive 240X ROI from using Insider’s suite of products along with a 42% CR uplift”

What do you like best?

All of Insider’s tools have been incredibly effective for our business, especially their web suite and onsite experimentation features. They offer a large number of templates which are flexible for usage and we can customize them however we like.

One thing that we were most impressed about is that their AI-powered smart recommender was integrated into our website with simply one line of code! We were amazed by how fast it happened and how smoothly we were able to carry out a pretty big change such as adding the smart recommender, without any hassle. And the product has been doing a great job serving our customers highly personalized product recommendations, resulting in an overall increase in conversions and average cart value. One of the smart recommendations – recently viewed items on the cart page, was able to generate a 42% uplift in CR for us, and we have been mighty impressed by these results.

What problems is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you?

We wanted a tool to help us personalize our website experience by segmenting the audience on many levels. Insider works as a brilliant customer data platform that brings in customer data from many different sources to aid advanced segmentation that is accurate, granular and very useful for marketing campaigns. We have been able to target our audience with very relevant, highly precise content for each segment, only because of how neatly Insider has helped us segment our customer data. It is no surprise at all that since we started using Insider, we have achieved a 240X ROI. > Read the full review

E-commerce CRM Manager @ Retail Group 

“An enormous 88x ROI along with an increase in CR and AOV using Insider”

What do you like best about Insider?

Insider’s suite of tools has fully geared us up for marketing greatness. Each tool is a powerhouse by itself, and working together, they have absolutely skyrocketed our marketing results, making our processes a lot more efficient and rewarding.

By using a combination of their web suite, web push, smart recommender, and Architect, we achieved a huge 88x ROI. One of the web suite campaigns using a purchase progress bar resulted in an 8.97% increase in CR along with a significant increase in AOV, as well….> Read the full review

What problems is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you?

We wanted to work on reducing our cart abandonment rate along with an improvement in return visits from customers. Another important focus point for us is the consistent improvement of the user experience through the use of data and surveys. Insider’s technology has supported us in achieving all these goals, and the stellar marketing results are proof that the tool works very well for our business. 

E-commerce Manager in Consumer Goods

“Achieved 15X ROI using Insider’s strong suite of products”

What do you like best?

Insider has allowed us to personalize our website across all pages with their incredible Smart Recommender. This product has, almost single handedly, elevated the shopping experience on our website by providing personalized product recommendations driven by data. We really enjoy using their web and mobile suite as well to personalize other aspects of our website such as banners. In one campaign with a cart reminder banner, we were able to achieve a conversion rate of 33%. This was a pretty exciting result for us…. > Read the full review

What problems is the product solving, and how is that benefiting you?

We wanted to personalize our shopping experience and deliver relevant recommendations to our wide variety of users, based on their specific requirements, past searches, and so on. Insider has been a great platform that has taken care of this whole thing for us through auto-optimized recommendations. We barely have to do anything. We also enjoy the number of templates available when it comes to creating web and mobile personalized elements.

Looking forward to the future: 

We will continue to support our Bangkok customers with local account management and customer success teams to provide our winning combination of global expertise paired with local know-how. 

Our product roadmap is continuing to accelerate as we develop industry-leading products that are proven to deliver more profitability, growth, and revenue for our customers. 

Our goal remains steadfast; to support our customers with their customer experience initiatives through our market-leading solutions and local strategic guidance.