Insider, #1 Leader on G2 Summer’21 Report for Personalization and Mobile Marketing outplays all providers by delivering up to 3X faster time to value (TTV)

Insider, one platform for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, helps 1000+ leading global brands, including SamsungMarks & SpencerVirginIKEA, Allianz, GAP, ToyotaSantanderPumaSingapore Airlines, CNN, Pizza Hut and Estée Lauder accelerate their digital growth by connecting data across channels, predicting future behavior with AI, and individualizing experiences to deliver the fastest time to value.

SINGAPORE, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Insider today announced that it has been ranked as the #1 platform in Mobile Marketing Software and Personalization Software for the 18th consecutive quarter on G2 Summer’21 Grid Reports. Based on 100% user reviews, Insider achieved an average user satisfaction score of 4.6/5 on G2 where 81% of users rated Insider 5 star.

Insider ranked #1 on G2 Summer’21 Report for Mobile Marketing and Personalization

This quarter, Summer 2021, Insider has earned even more distinctions based on an overall high customer satisfaction score, reiterating how happy its customers are with the platform. G2’s Momentum Grid Report is based on a composite score that combines a product’s growth indicators in the space with customer satisfaction. As the mobile marketing software market continues to develop and create positive experiences for customers, it gives vendors like Insider an opportunity to not only engage but retain users.

–  Emily Malis, Market Research Manager, G2

Insider offers up to 3X faster Time to Value (TTV) for Average Estimated ROI

Based on user reviews, Insider ranked as the #1 Leader on the Results Index Reports with an Average Estimated ROI delivered in less than 6 months. This positions Insider’s time to value (TTV) much below the industry average and offers a return on investment up to 3X faster compared to other players in the market.

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The report ranks Insider above all other players in Mobile Marketing and Personalization Grid Reports as the #1 Leader. For Summer’21, Insider also topped the charts on numerous Index Reports — Results Index, Relationship Index, Usability Index and Implementation Index — with the highest scores:

#1 Leader on G2 Summer’21 Mobile Marketing Software Report

  • #1 on Grid for Mobile Marketing Software
    • G2 Score: Insider (87); Attentive (82); Moengage (76); Emarsys (76); Clevertap (75)
  • #1 on Europe Grid for Mobile Marketing Software
    • G2 Score: Insider (88); dotdigital Engagement Cloud (63); Emarsys (62); Marketo Engage (59)
  • #1 on APAC Grid for Mobile Marketing Software
    • G2 Score: Insider (86); MoEngage (77); WebEngage (67), CleverTap (64)
  • #1 on the Results Index for Mobile Marketing
    • G2 Score: Insider (9.09); Moengage (8.51); Attentive (8.50); CleverTap (8.49); WebEngage (8.44); dotdigital Engagement Cloud (8.42); Braze (7.98); Adobe Campaign (7.72)

#1 Leader on G2 Summer’21 Personalization Software Report

  • #1 on Grid for Personalization Software
    • Grid Score: Insider (93); Moengage (82); dotdigital Engagement Cloud (82); Webengage (79); Sailthru (73); Iterable (65)
  • #1 on Europe Grid for Personalization Software
    • Grid score: Insider (89); dotDigital (77); SalesMango (67)
  • #1 on the Results Index for Personalization Engines
    • Grid Scores: Insider (9.05); Dynamic Yield (8.00); Salesforce Interaction Studio, Formerly Evergage (7.68); Optimizely Web Experimentation (7.64); Qubit (7.61); VWO Insights (7.12)
  • #1 on the Usability Index for Personalization Engines
    • Grid Scores: Insider (9.14); Nosto (8.03); Dynamic Yield (7.95); Optimizely Web Experimentation (7.65); Salesforce Interaction Studio, Formerly Evergage (7.47); Qubit (7.38); VWO Insights (7.07)
  • #1 on the Relationship Index for Personalization Engines
    • Grid Scores: Insider (9.71); Salesforce Interaction Studio, Formerly Evergage (8.58); Nosto (8.51); Dynamic Yield (8.37); Qubit (7.66); Optimizely Web Experimentation (7.30); Qubit (7.61); VWO Insights (6.80)

Insider helps global brands and marketers across industries connect data from multiple channels, predict the future behavior of their customers with AI, and deliver individualized experiences on any channel. Insider strongly differentiates from other providers with its extensive set of digital channels including WhatsApp BusinessFacebook MessengerSMSRCS and more. With advanced AI-powered capabilities, Insider helps marketers orchestrate perfect customer journeys and predict the next best channel for each individual, continuously improving its platform with future-proof technologies.

Insider is the #1 choice for Marketers who want to grow their companies faster with the power of individualized experiences.

The report also rates Insider as the top platform for:

  • Best Estimated ROI
  • Best Results
  • Best Relationship
  • Easiest Setup
  • Easiest Implementation
  • Easiest to Use
  • Best Meets Requirements, and much more.

Here’s what users are saying about Insider:

“Onsite optimization with smart recommendations and greater ROAS from predictive ad segmentation.

With Insider’s predictive advertising features we achieved over 216% uplift in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Working with Insider we began A/B testing ad campaigns for maximum impact.”

–  Chris Choi, Digital Director, Lenovo

“I love to work with Insider and I highly recommend them!

Amazing customer experience. The Account managers are proactive and up to date with the newest trends. They are always suggesting ways to keep up with the momentum and we never miss a beat.”

–  Karla Quiñonez, Digital Commerce Director, Estée Lauder

“Great experience with Insider!

We’ve seen a 44% uplift in conversions and achieved over 14% in lead submission rates using the gamified templates from Insider. The platform is also very easy to use and helps me meet our requirements and goals.”

–  NG Shi Von, Performance Marketing Director, Puma

“Insider helped us become a customer-first company by streamlining our engagement strategy!

Insider brings some of the best tools in the market to engage customers across channels and deliver individualized experiences. Our growth consultants at Insider recommended using Architect – it’s their customer journey orchestration tool that helps us build flawless journeys across multiple channels like web, mobile web, email, and apps. As a result, we were able to streamline our communication flow and observed better engagement and conversion rates on our campaigns. Insider is not only efficient but also user-friendly.”

–  Lydia B, Marketing & Communications Director, G2 Verified Enterprise Brand

“Insider helped us scale-up our user experiences with ready to use templates.

The flexibility and freedom Insider’s panel offers is something we really like. It comes loaded with a lot of ready-to-use templates and scenarios that we can use in our campaigns right away, making it easier to deliver faster. The support we get from the team at Insider is brilliant and their responsiveness is admirable. The mobile app and web push features have helped us considerably improve the user engagement on our products using gamified templates such as scratch-to-win coupons. We have even witnessed 10K conversions in just one day for a particular campaign.”

–  Dhany D, Product Marketing Director, IDN Media

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