Retail CX Workshop

Architecting a True Omnichannel Experience

60 minutes

23 Feb 2022
| 60 minutes |
3pm SGT, 11am GST

Insider & KOJ Group (LEGO® exclusive franchise partner in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) presents a 60-minute interactive discovery of cross-channel individualised CX, with the No.1 toy brand in the world, LEGO®. An experience of creation, invention, and exploration, joined by Francois Marque Marketing & eCommerce Leader of the Toy Division.
Watch the recording and immerse in LEGO® builds as you learn how to design and deliver memorable experiences.

Francois Marque

Marketing & eCommerce Manager

Charles Tidswell

VP of Growth, APAC

Leo Thomas

Managing Director,
Middle East & Africa

Explore the foundation needed to design and deliver memorable experiences. From connected data to seamless communications across the channels at the right times, we examine the elements of experience, break down omnichannel strategies brick-by-brick, and give you a blueprint to success.

Register to watch LEGO® as we discover the fundamental bricks of

* AI-enhanced personalised customer journeys
* Improve UX from a single platform with the fastest time to value
* Success Stories from LEGO®, getting in on revenue-making trends, the what, how and why.

Think mindfulness,
Think communication, not spamming.
Think longer lifetime value.
Think memorable experiences.

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© 2022 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.