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Iterable is a good messaging platform – but if you’re looking to create truly cross-channel customer experiences – Insider is the best option. Insider offers intelligent predictive recommendation capabilities, a vast library of personalization templates and the ability to connect data across all channels, including: Web, App, Web Push, Messaging, Email, Ads and SMS.

With Insider, you can orchestrate the entire customer journey from a single platform, which adapts to your customers’ behavior in real-time. Take advantage of powerful web personalization capabilities and AI-powered predictive customer segmentation.

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Cross-channel Journey Orchestration Insider manages complex journeys across multiple channels - without reliance on IT. Iterable only supports a limited number of channels
Journey Template Library Insider has a library of ready-to-convert journey templates, designed to help multiple industries grow
Web Personalization Iterable lacks advanced web personalization, especially when it comes to CRO and product discoverability
Web Gamification Iterable lacks gamification capabilities. With Insider, you can engage and incentivize users to take action e.g. lead collection, offer activation or conversion
Web Product Discovery Insider offers a suite of product discovery capabilities, including InStory. Iterable doesn't offer any advanced templates for product discovery
Web Push Notifications Iterable lacks advanced web push capabilities like product recommendations or in-stock and pricing alerts
In-App Message Templates Iterable has a limited number of templates which require additional developer support. Insider's vast library of templates covers everything from triggered surveys to gamification
Native Messaging Apps Iterable has no native integrations with messaging apps. Insider has native capabilities for RCS, LINE, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
Rich App Push Notifications Iterable only supports basic app notifications. With Insider you can create interactive app push notifications, including visual elements like images, sliders, carousels and more
App Analytics Insider's in-app analytics on app performance allows marketers to understand their app users. Iterable does not offer granular insights
Predictive Segmentation Iterable's predictive segmentation is limited and relies on past actions. Insider’s AI-powered engine provides numerous predictive segmentations e.g. Likelihood to Purchase, Churn, Affinity to Discounts etc.
Product Recommendations Insider’s Smart Recommender delivers product and content recommendations in real-time, leveraging data from channels like Web, App, Email, Web Push. Iterable relies on manual rule building
Customer Journey Optimization Insider uses AI to enhance cross-channel journey performance by identifying users preferred channels and optimal engagement times. Iterable does not offer this
Integration and Set-Up Integrate Insider across your website or app in less than 5 minutes. Insider offers the fastest time to market and time to value, verified by users

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Insider was recently announced as a leader in the Forrester Wave™ Report for Cross-Channel Campaign Management.

Insider is ranked as the #1 platform in Mobile Marketing and Personalization on G2, topping the charts on the latest reports.

What set us apart is our ability to deliver up to 3X faster Time to Value compared to other players in the market.

Insider is ranked as the #1 platform in Personalization on G2.
Insider is ranked as the #1 platform in Mobile Marketing on G2

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