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What could 12 months’ access to the world’s leading cross-channel marketing platform do for your business?

The Insider Startup Program empowers eligible startups to connect data across channels, predict future behavior with AI, and build personalized customer experiences—all from a single platform with the fastest time to value.

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Supercharge your business with AI-powered marketing

Get $25,000 worth of credits to enjoy the power of Insider and discover how unified customer data combined with AI and automation can skyrocket your customer experience. In 12 months, learn how to drive more growth and ROI from your marketing and CX initiatives.

Supercharge your business with AI-powered marketing

Venture capitalists, private equity partners, start-up leaders

Entrepreneur-in-residence? Innovation advisor? Part of an entrepreneurship community? This opportunity is available to early or mid-stage startups with small investments and revenue. 

Let us help your early-stage portfolio get the most out of the best customer experience tool on the market. Unlock the full potential of your brand or portfolio with the power to build personalized customer experiences, drive growth, and optimize ROI with Insider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insider will quickly get you up and running with integration. We’ll also provide you with self-serve onboarding materials and access to our support team. You’ll be invited to join our Growth Maker community, where our customers share their best practices and learnings for using our platform. And finally, we’ll be on hand to help with two hours of technical and business support per week via conference calls, if needed.

At the end of the program, you’ll have built a great understanding of how your business can drive more growth, increase revenue, and improve ROI with Insider—and we bet you’ll want to continue working with us. So, our team will work with you to build a personalized plan based on your targets, challenges, expectations, priorities, and roadmap.

Insider grew from start-up to unicorn status in less than ten years, so we’re uniquely positioned to support other entrepreneurs in their growth journey. We want you to focus on growth while we provide the technology to get you there.

Yes, you’re still eligible as long as you haven’t been a paid Insider customer within the last year. You can also only join the Startup Program once, and it cannot be renewed beyond your allocated credits.

You can apply via the website or email the team at Once we have all the necessary information, our team will run a discovery session to learn more about your business, challenges, and expectations. We’ll then decide which Insider modules will help you achieve maximum growth and value. When we’ve agreed, we’ll activate your subscription and start onboarding.

Credits are applied monthly, covering up to $25,000 over 12 months.

Yes, your credits will expire 12 months after your enrollment is activated.

You can track your consumption from within the platform. We’ll notify you when you exceed $20,000 in credit or reach the tenth month of the Insider Startup Program, whichever comes sooner. If you exceed the total credit applied, you will be charged for additional usage that month.

Are you eligible to apply?

You can apply for the Insider Startup Program if:

  • Your company was founded less than eight years ago
  • You have received less than $10M in funding
  • You haven’t paid for Insider in the past 12 months
  • You haven’t used the Insider Startup Program before

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One platform for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences

Insider connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI,

and individualizes experiences from a single platform with the fastest time to value.

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