5 strategies to drive revenue and customer loyalty 

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We are here to help Hackett drive more revenue, growth and loyalty by delivering a compelling, connected and personalized customer experience across all your digital properties.

Here are 5 customized and proven approaches to help engage and convert more customers looking for Hackett’s quintessentially British attire.

Learn how to:

Enhance product discovery on mobile with snackable stories
Boost engagement and with made-to-convert gamified templates
Identify and recover churn-risk customers to increase loyalty and lifetime value
Harness the power of your customers to shortcut decision-making and time to purchase
Deliver relevant messages via a customer’s preferred channel at scale

Enhance product discovery with snackable stories

Attention spans are short. With InStory, you can capture your visitors’ imagination. Customize each story based on a visitor’s purchase history, real-time behavior, and predicted actions to reduce mobile bounce rates and help users find what they’re looking for.

Not a designer? Not a problem. Create immersive full screen experiences with our drag-and-drop editor. Add flourishes like stickers and countdown timers to boost engagement and conversions.

Convert anonymous visitors into known customers with gamification

To keep app users engaged, you need to offer them a memorable and valuable experience.  

Insider has a library of personalization and gamification templates that are proven to engage customers, drive conversions and boost average order values.

The best thing? The drag-and-drop editor allows you to go live in minutes, eliminating reliance on app developers.

Reactivate silent customers to
increase CLV and tackle churn

All the signs are there. They’ve stopped coming to site, they’re not opening your emails, they haven’t made a purchase in months. It’s time to mix up your strategy.

Insider’s machine learning recognizes the distinct behavioral patterns of your customers to detect when a customer is likely to churn – before it’s too late.

Keep the conversation going by identifying the right channel and message for each customer who is in danger of churning to inspire loyalty and keep customers engaged.

Shorten the time to purchase
with Social Proof

Displaying generic content on your website is a missed opportunity to drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

With Insider’s deep personalization capabilities, you can beat “banner blindness” on your website.

Provide returning or known visitors with hyper-relevant content and products based on their purchasing history, browsing habits, interests – or predicted behavior.

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value through
cross-channel journey orchestration

With Architect, Insider’s cross-channel journey orchestrator, you can make every customer interaction dependent on: what are they interested in? What do they click? What have they purchases? Which is the best channel to engage?

Create powerful, personalized cross-channel experiences that deliver relevant messages via a customer’s preferred channel.

Trusted by 1000+ businesses, including:

Marks & Spencer increases cart recovery rate to 15.1%

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United Colors of Benetton increases new user acquisition by 9X

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If you would like to discuss how any of these strategies would bring value to the Hackett customer experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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