Strategies to drive revenue and customer loyalty for Financial Services

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Here are strategies to help financial services deliver 1:1 personalized, cross-channel customer experiences that deliver growth across every channel.

Take inspiration and learn how to:

  • Boost engagement and conversions across your digital channels 
  • Maximise customer lifetime value by joining up the dots in your customer data 
  • Increase revenue through messaging channels
  • Increase Return on Ad Spend and reduce marketing wastage

Generate revenue through messaging channels

Email engagement rates continue to decline. If you are relying solely on email to engage users and drive them back to your website or app, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle and leaving revenue on the table. Send automated alerts and personalized messages from cart reminders to back in stock reminders to speed up purchase decisions and recover lost revenue.  Utilise web push notifications, app push, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, SMS and RCS.

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value through cross-channel journey orchestration

Convert “one-time” bookings into repeat customers and identify opportunities to cross-sell.

With Architect, Insider’s cross-channel journey orchestrator, you can make every customer interaction dependent on: what are they interested in? What do they click? What have they purchases? Which is the best channel to engage?

Create powerful, personalized cross-channel experiences that deliver relevant messages via a customer’s preferred channel.

Provide additional profit for partners with visual storytelling

Increase product discoverability through social-style navigation. With InStory, each thumbnail can be personalized to individual users’ interests or behavior, and expands into a full-screen immersive experience.

Multi-global brands use InStory to showcase partner brands, offering premium real-estate and enhanced storytelling opportunities to drive additional revenue and build profitable brand partnerships.

App Download Banner’s can nudge mobile web users to enjoy an end-to-end mobile banking experience. 

Instory, improves financial discovery via Instagram-like interactive experience. 

Layout Optimization based on category affinity for deeper personalization.

Driving users to see your desired actions based on their behaviour, such as
Exit intent

Banks were already boosting customer satisfaction by
investing in new services and mobile-first experiences. Now, at a time when customers are cautious about returning to brick-and-mortar locations, unified and relevant experiences are more important than ever
and can inspire customer confidence today and in long-term recovery.

Capturing a potential customer’s details is a valuable opportunity to turn anonymous traffic into a potential lead. Once you have their name and an email, you can guide a prospect along the customer journey with loyalty-building experiences.

Create frictionless customer experiences with APIs

An API is a set of functions that enables developers to access a third-party application’s features and services. Insider’s Web Push API gives banking marketers the ability to segment customers directly from their customer relationship
management (CRM) platform and target a specific user group with triggered notifications without using the Insider dashboard.
The result? More secure unified multichannel approach and loyalty-driving customer experiences.

Boost engagement and conversions with gamified made-to-convert templates

The latest research highlights that only 6.4% app users return to an app 28 days after downloading it. To keep your customers engaged with any channel, it’s critical to provide a memorable customer experience and tangible value.

Insider provides a library of personalization and gamification templates that are proven to delight your customers and drive growth. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can go live in minutes and eliminate development time.

Show different buyer personas exactly what they want

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