Insider and the GDPR: Beyond the compliance journey

GDPR is just around the corner and we, at Insider, have been going on a compliance journey for a good while. As we showed you in our blog post “GDPR and the Age of the Customer”, the GDPR is not just a major change in data legal regime, it’s also a big cultural step into turning our data-driven culture into a data-educated one. As we continue to partner with the world’s leading brands, we’re ready to offer them, and their customers, the most updated, trustful and secure personalization services.
So here’s how Insider is complying with the GDPR.

Opt-out before you opt-in

Either if you’re downloading our awesome content, subscribing to our hot newsletters or requesting our top-notch demos, we offer you the option to “opt-out” from the very beginning. You can always check our GDPR compliance page to see how our journey started.

We play “by the book”

Insider is fully committed to be lawful, transparent and fair about our data processing actions with each and every one of our customers, by entering into Data Processing Agreements. These agreements cover issues such as consent and data-sharing processes. We also only partner with players who share our vision on data security policy.

We have an EU data center

All the data we collect is stored in an EU-based center, the Amazon Web Services (AWS), in Dublin, Ireland. This data storage center is available to all customers who wish to have their data stored within the territorial scope of the GDPR, and not only our EU customer base.

We’re data geeks

We have an in-house European Law consultant who’s providing full-time support on all GDPR related questions to our teams. We’re also providing our partners the opportunity to become a data geek (in case they’re not yet) with our tailored GDPR content such as our live webinar, our compliance page and our in-house expert-at-the-ready. And, let’s not forget, Software Security and Impact Assessment trainings are on the way.

We speak your language

All our policy documents, including our Terms of Use, our Compliance page and our Privacy Policy were recently revised to provide inclusive and effective (aka accessible and clear) information. We leave no room for “small print”!

Your “right to be forgotten”

We are ready to take immediate action whenever customers request to erase, transfer or modify their users’ personal data.


Assistance is at the ready

If any data subject requires our assistance regarding any worries and queries related to the processing of their personal data, we’re here to provide full support whenever feasible, within optimal time. We can be reached anytime at

Protecting data subjects

Our personalization tools, available through our unified Growth Management Platform, process data on behalf of digital marketers, website owners, leading brands, and other online business services. The information we collect and process from them also includes their clients’ personal data (the “end users”). These end users are also known as “data subjects”, and under the GDPR, we’re committed to protecting their information with equal zeal.

Data Processing Addendum

If you have determined that you qualify as a data controller under the GDPR, and need a data processing addendum (DPA) in place with your qualifying vendors, we want to help make things easy for you.

Our DPA’s are updated accordingly to “Commission Implementing Decision on Standard Contractual Clauses for the Transfer of Personal Data to Third Countries pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679.’

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