How ICI Paris XL uses personalized customer experiences to increase average order value by 15%

Watch this video to learn how ICI Paris XL is using personalized customer experiences to turn unknown visitors into VIP customers, boosting average order value by 15% and driving repeat purchases to increase customer lifetime value.

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33 %
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About ICI Paris XL



market presence:

#1 beauty specialist of Benelux


Beauty & Cosmetics

company size:

1.5k+ employees

The challenge

Unifying customer data to provide revenue-driving customer experiences

ICI Paris XL were using a whole host of standalone technology platforms that did not communicate with each other and prevented the team from properly accessing and utilizing their customer data. They were looking for unified customer data platform that could not only collect all their data together, but also provide a broad range of action channels that turn insights into actions, actions into results. As a fast-moving market leader, they needed a solution provider that could ensure the fastest time to value, delivering ROI straight away.
Accelerating the path to purchase

1:1 personalized homepage experience

ICI Paris XL accelerated the path to purchase and reduced the number of clicks necessary for customers to find their favourites brands, straight from the homepage.

This 1:1 personalized homepage experience reduced  “banner blindness”, making the landing experience fresh, exciting and – most importantly – relevant. With Insider, this was possible for both known and unknown users. 

This top brand homepage placement delivered a 10% average order value uplift and a 28% conversion rate uplift.


Accelerating the path to purchase

1:1 personalized homepage experience

Dynamic web push notifications

Retrieving lost revenue with abandonment push reminders

Dynamic web push notifications

Retrieving lost revenue with abandonment push reminders

ICI Paris XL had seen significant success generating revenue through email cart abandonment retrieval campaigns. However they needed an additional channel to reach customers that aren’t logged in.

ICI Paris XL use Insider’s cart abandonment web push notifications to bring visitors back to site with a timely message reminding them of the items they left behind.

This campaign alone generated 7 figure revenue (EUR) for ICI Paris XL in 6 months.

Campaign Results

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Smarter Product Recommendations

AI-backed product recommendations

ICI Paris XL supercharged their recommendation strategy with Insider’s AI-backed recommendations product – Smart Recommender.

ICI Paris XL by maximized average order value with personalizing product recommendations based on complementary products, best sellers, purchased together, and 1:1 personalized recommendations.

 Insider’s AI-powerered Chef tool takes the guesswork out of deciding which algorithm is most successful for each specific placement. 

Helping users keep track of their “recently viewed” products improved ease of navigation, increased average order value by 15% and conversion rates by 43%.


Smarter Product Recommendations

AI-backed product recommendations

What’s next for Clarins?

Delivering individualized experiences on the channels customers want

Clarins are hoping to begin using Insider’s cross-channel campaign orchestration tool - Architect - to deliver a relevant, tailored and frictionless customer experience, on the channels that customers care about.
We are proud to partner with Clarins and look forward to driving even more ROI and revenue from our partnership.

“Working with Insider is a great pleasure. It gives us a lot of flexibility since Insider can easily integrate with our systems and the IT team is often not needed anymore. Implementing new scenario's therefore goes very fast and smoothly. This shortens our time to market and gives us the ability to improve our eCommerce metrics in no-time.”.

Kristof Vervliet
E-commerce Manager

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