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How brands like Trapo, turn a boring product into a marketing success behind the most successful campaigns?

Some marketers have it easy, sport cars, stuffed-crust pizza…product’s they’re marketing can be an easy appeal, they practically sell themselves. But how about products that don’t easily appeal? Finding your brand differentiator and building a strategy to target the right channels to the right consumers at the right time can take time! Brands can be appealing when you least expect them to be especially when a customers realises the need for it.

The CMO of Trapo is here to tell us his journey and how Trapo became a leading automotive accessory brand that is now rapidly expanding across Asia.

Workshop Highlights

  1. The journey and how Trapo continues to drive growth across APAC
  2. How optimization of an AI-personalizated strategy can benefit the future of marketing
  3. How to utlize data to target the right customers through the right channels at the right time with integrated marketing campaigns

Brands like PUMA, Singapore Airlines, Lenovo, Etiqa Insurance, Yves Rocher, Philips, Toyota, Watsons, Marks & Spencer, Burger King, Adidas, IKEA, have already leveraged the power of AI, smart personalization technology to strategize campaigns enhancing user experience, gaining substantial uplift in online sales, cart recovery, ad returns, customer reviews, and repeat purchases through Insider. 

Join Insider and Trapo on 7th July at 4pm SGT


  1. Trapo Malaysia – Ionut Danifeld, Chief Marketing Officer
  2. Insider – Charles Tidswell, VP of Growth, APAC

About Charles Tidswell

Charles has spent 25 years in Asia. From landing in Hong Kong in 1996 until today, Charles has been heavily invested in adtech and martech. Passion for the industry started with selling some of the first Internet advertising in Asia and consulting on very early brochureware websites, fast track to 2021, now living in Singapore, Charles’s focus is helping brands engage with their consumers with the relevant messaging, when it matters on the channel in which the consumer engages. 

With over 20+ years in sales and marketing roles in Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. Charles currently leads the Growth at Insider managing Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

About Ionut Danifeld

George is the marketing wiz who led Trapo Asia to its current dizzying heights. Under his leadership, Trapo Asia has become the No.1 seller of Automotive accessories and has plans to expand to the rest of Asia, Europe and Australia. His diverse experience across a multitude of industries enabled him to play a huge role in shaping Trapo’s journey and driving its commercial success.

George is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of Trapo, which started with only 3 people but has since experienced exponential growth. Even today, Trapo continues to grow its family by adding individuals with the passion to take marketing to the next level.

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