Champions Index & Scoring Methodology

Insider Growth Makers Club is an exclusive community that brings together marketing leaders from top-notch brands to reshape the future of customer experiences. The club offers an open platform where marketers can share their personal stories, bring their product ideas to life, and help each other build and grow. Champions behind the growth of global brands who are disrupting the status quo in customer experiences are recognized and rewarded.

Insider Growth Makers Club Champions are selected every quarter.

Marketers who are driving exceptional growth for their brands and striving to create a bigger impact to reshape customer experiences are recognized as Champions.

Champions index scores marketers based on aggregated data and criteria including:

  • % of scenarios with positive conversion rate uplift
  • % audience coverage (based on industry threshold)
  • Executive Summary Dashboard usage (scoring based on industry threshold)
  • NPS response rate
  • Revenue uplift score

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