Join us to discover how Allianz achieved 7X ROI in months!

5 Years of Digital Empowerment in a Glance!

Wednesday, November 22 | 2 PM Singapore | 5 PM Sydney

5 Years of Digital Empowerment In a Glance!

Wednesday, November 22 | 2 PM Singapore | 5 PM Sydney

Ever since 2018 Insider is powering Allianz to enhance & personalize website experiences resulting in decreased top-funnel drop-offs and higher application rate:

In this exclusive workshop with Allianz and Insider — we dive into the tactics that Allianz used to:

  • Decreased top funnel drop-off
  • Decrease customer acquisition costs
  • Optimized ROAS
  • Improve conversion rate

Join us in this exclusive chat with Emily Maddox (Insurance & Finance– Global Digital Growth Director) for an inside view on Allianz’s secret sauce for customer experiences.

Insider For Insurance & Finance Leaders

The ultimate digital growth guide for insurance marketers

The 5 challenges every Banking and Insurance marketer faces and proven strategies for winning at digital disruption and building sustainable loyalty.

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Insider X Allianz

Allianz achieves a %80 opt-in rate!

Allianz marketing team was impressed by connecting data across channels, predicting future behaviors through AI, and providing the ability to individualize customer experiences, Insider has enabled Allianz to create AI-powered segments and deliver better customer experiences.

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Meet The Speaker

Insurance & Finance- Global Digital Growth Director 

One platform for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences

Insider connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI, and individualizes experiences from a single platform with the fastest time to value.

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© 2022 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.