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ECommerce & Fintech CX Forum
Automating Cross-channel Personalization to Drive Revenue Growth and Customer Lifetime Value at Scale

Indonesia’s digital economy is predicted to be the largest in Southeast Asia by 2025, with a value of Rp 1,700 trillion. With digitalization, it massively increases the number of communication and messaging channels to create fragmentation in customer outreach and relationship management.

Consumers today prefer to engage with brands that understand them, respond to their behavior, interests, and feedback, and communicate with them with relevant, spot-on messages. Today’s best user journey needs to be elegant, frictionless, and timely, utilizing every channel consumers are familiar with and comfortable.

How do businesses tackle that fragmentation and juggle across web, mobile, app, and a growing number of cross-channels to engage and retain customers today? What strategies can CMOs, brand, and marketing leaders implement quickly to sustainable growth to user acquisition as the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive?

This event pulls together established Indonesian brands and leaders in marketing automation technology to share insights into succeeding in a digital and mobile world by deep-diving into success stories, real-world experiences, and use cases.

  1. Winy Oktovianti as Digital Marketing Manager at
  2. Alexander Christian as VP Head of Brand Marketing & Communications Group at LinkAja
  3. Arifin Iskandar as Country Manager at Indonesia Insider

Workshop Highlights

  • How cross-channel personalization is working to secure mindshare and preference with Indonesian consumers
  • Leveling up customer rapport, loyalty, and stickiness to grow retention revenue through the integrated web, mobile, app, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other cross-channel engagements.
  • Identifying high-value actions and creating efficiency in delighting customers
  • Using AI to increase content relevance, reduce abandonment and create frictionless touchpoints
  • Real-world application of end to end marketing automation technology to seamlessly collect, integrate and manage data, achieve a 360-degree single view of customers, and create individualized user journeys
  • And many more.

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