Top 5 personalization ideas for the automotive industry

A recent J. D. Power research revealed that automotive shoppers spend an average of 114 hours researching online before making a final purchase decision. The extensive time shoppers spend online is mostly used for reading reviews, comparing prices and calculating costs. These browsing moments that happen across web, mobile web and apps create the perfect window of opportunity for brands to engage with their visitors effectively. Delivering personalized and more meaningful experiences based on a visitors historical and predicted future behavior help brands establish a relationship that can last longer than the final point of sale. Let’s deep dive into the personalization ideas for the automotive industry.

In this new eBook, you’ll learn top personalization ideas and how to create hyper-personalized experiences for your visitors through every step of their lifecycle with:

– 1:1 contextual notifications enticing customers to book a test drive on different touchpoints

– Shortening the path to purchase by delivering contextual and timely messages based on the customers’ preferences, with stored data delivering them a unified experience across channels

– Personalized messages triggered by AI-backed exit intent technology to increase test drive applications and boost conversion rates.