The ultimate digital growth guide for airline marketers

8 creative strategies for addressing airline marketer’s 6 main challenges and KPIs, including return on ad spend, conversion rate, passenger load factor, ancillary revenue, booking recovery, and more

Travelers spend at least 4 weeks of research on average before they buy an airline ticket. And the competition is getting tougher with new airlines, search engines, online travel agencies (OTAs), metasearch platforms, to name a few. 

With 94% of bookers switching between devices and with most mobile websites and apps lacking the power to convince and convert, the challenge is multiple. According to our own data, only 2.17% of desktop traffic to travel websites results in conversions, and even less than half of it, 1.06% of mobile traffic to travel websites results in conversions.

That’s why we’ve put this eBook together, with an in-depth overview of the six main challenges marketers in the airline industry are facing—

  • Attracting high-value customers in a competitive marketplace—without driving up advertising costs
  • Delivering personalized digital experiences—without hitting IT roadblocks
  1. Shortening the flight booking lifecycle—by speeding up the path to purchase
  2. Improving the upsell—driving ancillary revenue to fuel overall business growth
  3. Keeping hard-earned customers engaged for the long-term
  4. Stopping cart abandoners in their tracks—by meeting shoppers where they are