Monday is the new Friday: Your guide to an unforgettable Cyber Monday

Did you know that, in 2017, online transactions on Cyber Monday reached a record $6.59 billion in the US alone? Think of Cyber Monday as the grandiose finale of a much anticipated shopping weekend, that starts with Black Friday and continues all the way through to Monday.

This year, mobile is expected to be the protagonist of this shopping frenzy, with digital gurus expecting higher sales across the globe. So why would you settle for bad mobile experiences?

You still have time to prepare! That’s why we put together our second holiday eBook, “Monday is the new Friday: Your guide to an unforgettable Cyber Monday”. In there, you’ll find out how to battle the biggest challenges for digital businesses, such as

  • Poorly designed mobile experiences that lead to shorter sessions and low conversion rates
  • Slow path to purchase, when many customers give up on completing a purchase due to slow and inefficient checkout pages
  • Shorter attention span, when customers browse multiple websites in search of the best deals and often forget items in their shopping carts.

Grab your coffee and deep dive into exclusive scenarios especially designed for marketers to create unforgettable Cyber Monday experiences for customers across the globe!