Save Time, Make Smarter Use of Your Data, and Deliver Individualized Customer Journeys

CRM managers of fashion brands are no strangers to juggling acts. From reporting management to building scalable data infrastructure, the responsibilities—and demands on your time—never cease to amaze. 

Understanding your customers at a 1:1 level and creating cross-channel customer journeys that reflect that will increase average order value (AOV), keep customers coming back, and allow you to effortlessly cross- and up-sell products on customers’ preferred channels.

That’s why we’ve put together five easy-to-implement campaigns that show how CRM teams can work smarter, not harder, to create compelling individualized experiences that overcome the big challenges faced in online fashion retail.

  • Banishing boring pop-ups to maximize database growth 
  • Ditching the bulk blast and eradicating time wasted creating manual segments
  • Distinguishing between discount seekers and high-value customers 
  • Turning your “one and gone” buyers into loyal customers 
  • Reactivating your silent customers via the most effective channels to tackle churn

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