Converting conversations Volume 3: The ultimate channels guide for digital marketers: App push

Customers receive up to 50 notifications per day, and only 20% of people find these notifications useful. The awfully low bar needs to be raised. For brands that are successful with mobile app messaging, there’s a big reward: Mobile app conversions are 120% higher than mobile web conversions.

There are many reasons to not only send push notifications but to send the right types of notifications to the right people at the right time. The push notifications may be small, but they’re also mighty. 

In Volume 3 of our series Converting Conversations: The Ultimate Channels Guide for Digital Marketers you will find:

  • Push notifications: the mobile messaging powerhouse that forever changed how we learn about & engage with the world
  • The top 6 most powerful types of app push notifications competing brands really don’t want you to start using
  • Sample campaigns for each type
  • And as a bonus, discover the deliverability dilemma nobody told you about (and what to do about it).

It’s time to start converting your conversations with mobile app push notifications. Let’s get going.