A marketer’s scout to WhatsApp Business API

The explosive growth in popularity of non-SMS Instant Messaging apps has created incredible opportunities for businesses to send communications to users across borders, with WhatsApp overwhelmingly in the lead. 

Currently, 5 million brands including Uber, Singapore Airlines, MadeiraMadeira, Casas Bahia, and Booking.com use WhatsApp to reach their users with proactive promotions and personalized 1:1 messaging.

In this eBook, we will cover some of the real-life use cases of how you can leverage WhatsApp Business API to send focused, high-value, promotional messages that help you connect with your users on a personal level. Learn how you can

  • Manage opt-ins on web and mobile
  • Real use-cases of personalized, high-value, promotional WhatsApp messages across verticals
  • Future of promotional messaging with WhatsApp Business API