8 shopper types and how to effectively market to them

No two shoppers are alike. People are motivated by different incentives and have unique goals and desires. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spot patterns and market to them.

Our customer analysis led us to identify eight major shopper types. Next, we matched those with engagement, conversion, and loyalty-boosting tactics and tools to help you drive more revenue. 

In this eBook, you’ll find eight main shopper types, plus proven strategies on how to market to each one. 

What’s Inside

  • The Discount Seeker
  • The Researcher
  • The Impulse Buyer
  • The VIP
  • The Loyalist
  • The Reluctant Shopper
  • The Determined Shopper
  • The Social Shopper

Boost your marketing campaign performance with a deep dive into the 8 core customer personas. Download your copy now.