5 must-read insights for your Father’s Day marketing campaign

Father’s Day is fast approaching! 

We’ve collected our favorite tips in one place, and compiled our top Father’sDay marketing strategies into a power-punching eBook.

Master engagement, watch cart orders double in size, and inspire last year’s shoppers with personalized content and can’t-turn-down recommendations. 

Here’s a sneak peek at 5 Father’s Day marketing insights and how you can use them to level up your campaigns and exceed your growth goals. 

5 key Father’s Day insights in this eBook

Insight #1: Your customers are looking to you for inspiration

Insight #2: Consumers want their gift to be unique and memorable

Insight #3: 25-44 year olds plan to spend the most

Insight #4: Special outings, even with COVID, are huge

Insight #5: Gift cards are a great way to onboard new customers

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Segment consumers for maximum impact
  • Build customer journeys that convert
  • Create urgency and get consumers to act now

Real-life industry scenarios in

  • Men’s personal care & grooming
  • Home improvement
  • Consumer electronics
  • Fashion
  • Sporting goods 

It’s not too late to change course or make subtle, yet powerful tweaks to your Father’s Day marketing efforts. No ready to go full throttle? The best part? Everything you see in this book can be applied to any future marketing campaign.

Download your copy now.