Bring data together from anywhere

Unify data from your website, apps, email, CRM, POS, contact centers more to build a consistent, 360-degree view of every single customer.

Better predictions with unified profiles

See more than a customer's past behavior with Insider's unified profiles. Dig deeper into each customer's predicted intent, affinity, and preferences. Anticipate what they'll do next and enhance their experience at every touchpoint leading up to conversion.

Make deeper connections

Reach Users on Every Channel

See where your users are in their individual journeys. Build and launch individualized experiences for web, email, messengers,
and other digital channels.

Track Evolving Customer Behavior

Get a snapshot of individual customer behavior. Filter data by date range, segments, and more to connect the dots faster.

Predict the Future

Predict what customers will likely do next and their potential lifetime value with AI-driven prediction engines and machine learning.

Unite Disconnected Data with APIs

With Insider's API, you can bring data from different systems to build a single unified view of your customers.

Export Customer Profiles

Export customer profile data via API to better understand your customers when they engage with your brand on offline channels.

GDPR Compliant

Knowing where and how your user data is stored simplifies updating and deleting profiles based on user requests and staying data compliant.

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