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Insider comes with what you need to harness user data. Their AI-powered segmentation lets you engage users one-to-one with contextual recommendations.


return on investment in 5 months Growth management platform


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uplift in return on ad spend Predictive ad audience

About Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a global cosmetics and beauty brand, founded in 1959 is now present across 88 countries with over 14,000 employees. Yves Rocher has chosen to master every aspect of the cosmetics operation: 100% organic agriculture, innovative active ingredients, raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and distribution around the world.

Orchestrated abandonment recovery using Facebook and push notifications

Cart abandonment is a thorn in the side of every ecommerce company, responsible for substantial lost revenue. Yves Rocher wanted to find a way to recover the carts after the user had left the site.

To achieve this, Yves Rocher looked for ways to orchestrate meaningful user journeys and unify channels such as web push and social media advertising to create a seamless content delivery process and to act as a reminder of the recently abandoned cart.

Insider’s AI-powered growth management platform empowered Yves Rocher to automate individualized customer journeys and deliver contextual engagement across channels which resulted in a 5.6% uplift in conversion rate.

Intelligent predictive segmentation for ad targeting maximises ROAS

Yves Rocher understood that the more accurately they could target their ads, the higher their return on ad spend (ROAS) would be. They wanted to make sure every cent of their acquisition budget was being spent as effectively as possible.

Yves Rocher leveraged the customer behavior data that they had and combined it with intelligent predictive segmentation to identify which customers were most likely to purchase. Their adverts were only displayed to that specific audience segment (most likely to purchase) across Facebook, Google and other ad channels, eradicating ad spend waste.

Using this predictive ad audience targeting, Yves Rocher achieved a 39% uplift in ROAS on Google and over 38% uplift in conversions on Facebook. Furthermore, Yves Rocher was able to use the segments to build a wider multi-channel marketing strategy with the same targeting precision.

AI-powered personalized recommendations produced a 20% uplift in conversion rate

When you have thousands of products on offer, product discovery can be difficult. Arbitrary or relevant recommendations can damage customer experiences rather than enhancing them. Yves Rocher wanted to help their customers to find new products that they will love, especially from a secondary category.

Insider’s Smart Recommender creates ultra-relevant AI-powered recommendations for Yves Rocher customers, using individual and segment-wide behavioural data to promote the right products to each customer. Using the different algorithms on different page types allowed Yves Rocher to personalize and adapt recommendations to the client’s needs. They also gained more accurate reporting of items purchased from the smart recommender widget.

By recommending the perfect products that match each customer’s taste, Yves Rocher achieved a 20% uplift in conversion rate.

Improve engagement with product badges and smart merchandising

Creating a store-like experience online helps bring the Yves Rocher magic to customers wherever they are in the world. Yves Rocher wanted an efficient way to draw attention to promotional offers to increase engagement and drive conversion.

Yves Rocher made use of Insider’s “sticker and banner” feature that highlights product categories based on predetermined criteria. This not only caught the attention of the visitors but also helped segment user interest for subsequent campaigns.

In addition, Yves Rocher made use of special banners triggered by specific criteria there by incentivizing customers to shop more frequently. For example, customers who shopped frequently were shown products that matched their preference vs. first time visitors who were browsing for a quick buy.

This feature helped Yves Rocher improve their overall onsite engagement and resulted in a 5% uplift in Conversion rate.

Personalized onsite banners generated an +18.36% uplift in Yves Rocher’s conversion rate

As one of the largest cosmetics brands, Yves Rocher runs numerous personalized banner campaigns for different segments, showcasing relevant products, content and offers to keep their attention.

With Insider’s Banner Management Campaigns, Yves Rocher’s merchandising team has been able to personalize banners on category for instance regular skincare purchasers or first time buyers. Yves Rocher wanted to power their merchandising with segmentation capabilities and maximize their onsite performance.

For example, customers who regularly purchased skincare from Yves Rocher were shown a selection of products that matched their taste while customers who bought a distinguished selection of products were directed to an exclusive selection of Yves Rocher products.

These personalization tactics generated an +18.36% uplift in conversion rate.

Increase lead collection with gamified experiences

To effectively engage first time visitors and returning customers onsite, Yves Rocher wanted to improve email capture and build their database. This fed into their new customer acquisition and activation strategy.

Using Insider’s pre-built template, Wheel of Fortune, Yves Rocher was able to gamify their online experience, gaining new user’s attention and making each visit a little special. As the Wheel was shown at exit, it further acted as a way to keep the visitors onsite longer.

In 30 days, Yves Rocher was able to increase their database by 6%, using Insider’s Gamified Lead Generation widget to collect leads.

Looking Ahead

Looking forward, Yves Rocher will work closely with Insider in creating a better reporting structure with better-defined results—making use of the personalization capabilities available on Insider’s reporting dashboard.

While looking to deliver a holistic and personalized engagement to their customers, Yves Rocher will start delivering multi-channel journeys across Facebook, email, mobile and desktop by leveraging the AI-powered micro-segmentation capabilities of Insider to keep the engagement relevant and contextual.

“We’ve managed to achieve a complete overhaul of our on-site engagement strategy and our personalization methods are more fluid now than ever before. Insider’s platform is complete with all the tools you would require to harness all of our user data, and their AI-powered user segmentation makes it possible to engage each user with contextual recommendations. We’re steadily exploring various products and finding ways to use them in our strategy.”

Krzysztof Bylinowski

Digital Manager

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