Xandres uses personalization to supercharge their marketing, achieves 10.72% uplift in AOV


uplift in CR Cart Reminder


uplift in AOV Tab Talk


uplift in add to cart rate Pre-selected Size Filters

About Xandres

Xandres is a concept in Belgian fashion. A clothing brand that stands for timeless style, craftsmanship and quality. Today it is an internationally respected, independent Belgian fashion brand that is available in more than 150 exclusive multi-brand boutiques and Xandres brand stores throughout Belgium.

Founded in: 1968
Numbers of stores: 13 own stores
Operates in: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

Ensuring conversions with exit intent cart reminders

When users add products to their carts, they show clear interest and intent to purchase. However, it so happens that sometimes they need a little extra push to finalize their purchase. Xandres needed a solution to give that little push.

Insider, understanding Xandres’ exact goals, recommended the use of exit intent cart reminders to capture users’ attention just as they are about to leave the website, prompting them to take a look, reminding them of the items in their cart that they wanted to purchase.

From the users who saw the exit-intent reminder, Xandres achieved a conversion rate uplift of 15.63%. They also observed an increased cart value in these users, with an AOV uplift of 10.72%.

Notifying users of new offers and items in cart by capturing their attention with Tab Talk

Users leaving the website doesn’t signal the end of their shopping. Xandres wanted to deploy a means to captivate users who left the website and bring them back to check out offers and go through with the purchase of items in the cart.

Tab Talk is an eye-catching way to grab the attention of users who have left the website, but left the tab open. Through prominent movement, this tool is effective in bringing back users to the website. Xandres used this to display offers and reminders for items in the cart on the tab title bar in the browser.

This was a successful personalization campaign for Xandres, helping them beat their competitors when users went to other websites to compare prices. They were able to achieve an increase in AOV of 10.68%, along with an uplift in CR of 9.70%.

Improving product discovery and user experience with pre-selected size filters

Many users need to visit the website more than once to make a purchase. For these returning users, Xandres wanted to be able to offer a more personalized, user-friendly product discovery and buying experience.

Insider suggested the use of a very effective personalization tool - pre-selecting the size based on a user’s past browsing history. When a user returned to Xandres’ website, all product pages had the size pre-selected for them, strongly indicating that the brand knows and understands what they are looking for.

This personalized solution translated to increased conversions by 10.94%, and an uplift in add to cart of 9.77%.

Looking Ahead

Through continued, consistent use of Insider’s tools and features, Xandres aims to improve the following metrics in the coming months:

-Rate of new users entering the purchase funnel

-Engagement of mobile traffic

-Product discovery

“Insider has thoroughly impressed us with its data-driven segmentation capabilities that have super-powered our marketing strategy. The platform is able to digest relevant data and deliver insights which help us prove or disprove hypotheses, sharpening our marketing knowledge and enabling a better understanding of our users.”

Patrick Desrumaux

Managing Director

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