How leather retailer Wojas reminds shoppers about the items waiting in their carts

About Wojas

Wojas is one of Poland’s largest manufacturers of high-quality leather shoes and accessories. Founded in 1990, the company now boasts almost 200 showrooms across Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Hungary, and produces hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes each year.
Cart Abandonment: A Frustrating Reality in Online Retail
Cart abandonment – where a customer add items to their online shopping cart and then leaves the site without completing their purchase – is a challenge faced by all online retailers. These customers have made it a long way down the purchase funnel, only to give up at the crucial last minute. It’s a phenomenon that can be very frustrating. Wojas was no different. The company was experiencing a high level of cart abandonment on its popular website and turned to Insider for help. 
A Friendly Reminder
Insider decided to target customers that had abandoned their cart with messages encouraging them to revisit the site and pick up where they’d left off. First, customers that had left purchases in their baskets without completing the transaction were sent a web push notification after two hours. If, after another eight hours, they had still not taken action, they were also sent an email reminding them of their unfinished purchases. 

“Having the power and expertise of Insider in our digital marketing toolbox is great. We are able to reach customers in ways that were previously impossible. The team at Insider is full of great ideas about how to tackle our issues, and we were really impressed by the impact these initiatives had on our cart abandonment. We will certainly continue to work with the team to explore more possibilities, and are really excited about what the future holds!”

Michał Wojas

Business Development Manager

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