How a global beauty and cosmetics brand boosted revenue recovery and achieved a 30% uplift in repurchase rate with WhatsApp


Increase in revenue per customer


Repurchase Rate


Recovered revenue

A transformative global, multi-brand industry leader in beauty and cosmetics

Headquartered in Paris, this multi-brand beauty player has been a transformative industry leader for decades. Catering to multicultural users worldwide with inclusive and high-quality products, the brand prioritizes setting accessible beauty standards.

The Challenge

Maximizing revenue per customer

The beauty brand realized there were micro-moments within the existing customer journey where they were losing out on potential revenue. They wanted to focus on driving more value from each and every customer transaction.

Their goal was to maximize revenue per customer, improve repurchase rate, and increase recovered revenue by creating highly relevant and personalized experiences on their shopper’s preferred channels.

The Journey

Choosing the right channel and strategy

Armed with customer data from multiple sources, the brand decided to prioritize influencing and bringing back customers who abandoned their purchases due to higher prices or out-of-stock messaging. They also wanted to create a compelling replenishment strategy that was contextual, dynamic, and personalized at scale to encourage customers to repurchase items when they ran out.

Based on channel adoption data, they discovered WhatsApp was a key channel for getting in front of their customers. Though they were sceptical about using WhatsApp for Business at first (they felt it was more of a personal channel), following a call with the Insider team, they understood the huge potential behind WhatsApp for Business and how convenient the experience could be for their customers when used strategically. The conversion rates also looked promising.

They loved how easy it was to build a subscriber base for all users who opted-in to WhatsApp, giving them the edge to reach their audience on the channel that best suited them. To get up and running as quickly as possible, they used Insider’s pre-built opt-in templates and immediately saw a 7X increase in subscriber growth. They then decided to use Insider’s WhatsApp in Architect (Insider’s cross-channel customer journey builder) to orchestrate and automate these new WhatsApp-based journeys seamlessly.

2.3X higher revenue per customer with real-time price drop alerts

Using Architect’s price alert template and choosing WhatsApp as the channel, the beauty brand was able to send out price drop alerts in real time—and at scale. For this campaign, they segmented VIP customers with higher discount affinity. They then used a CTA message template with dynamic content (such as the name of the product and its current price) to deliver highly personalized price alerts. This led to 67% increase in conversion rate and eventually helped them gain 2.3X higher revenue per customer.

30% increase in repurchase rate with replenishment reminders

The brand carefully chose a segmentation of loyal customers who had purchased products >$150 in the last 45 days. Using a conversational commerce template, they built a replenishment reminder message which reminded customers their product was about to run out, and gave them the option of repurchasing immediately or being reminded again later. This campaign led to a 30% increase in repurchase rate.

45% increase in recovered revenue with back-in-stock messages

Losing customers due to out-of-stock items was a big challenge for the beauty brand. However, these customers had the highest intent and should therefore be some of the easiest to convert. Using Insider’s WhatsApp in Architect, they were able to send real-time back-in-stock alerts to entice customers back to purchase. They saw a 45% increase in recovered revenue with this campaign.

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