How one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers achieved a 3.75X conversion rate uplift using WhatsApp


ROI Compared to email in just 60 days


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Learn how one of Europe’s fastest-growing and most-recognized fashion retailers used WhatsApp to supercharge engagement, conversion rates, and revenue.
Operating across nineteen countries, this leading retail brand offers distinct apparel and capsule collections designed to appeal to all customers—whatever their age, culture, body shape, or budget.

The Challenge

The brand noticed engagement, conversion and revenue rates through traditional communication channels (including Email, SMS, and Web Push) had stagnated. These channels weren’t helping the brand grow their core metrics, including customer lifetime value (CLV), recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM), revenue and profitability.

Customer communications weren’t coordinated, meaning customers often received multiple and conflicting messages and CTAs. The team wanted to send timely and relevant communications based on real-time customer behavior and deep segmentation.

The CRM team also wanted to identify and recover churn-risk customers, learn how to engage VIP customers better, and tackle high cart-abandonment rates.

The team decided to explore whether WhatsApp (an emerging B2C communications channel) could help drive engagement, efficacy, conversion and revenue, and better contribute to the company’s turnover and growth strategy.

The Solution

WhatsApp would give the brand the opportunity to connect with over two billion active users, delivering 1:1 promotional and transactional messages on one of the world’s most popular messaging channels.

And with plenty of other leading retail brands—such as Adidas and Decathlon—already working with Insider to deliver hyper-personalized WhatsApp experiences, the brand felt confident and excited about the partnership. And thanks to Insider and Meta’s partnership, the brand was assured of a reliable and consistent deliverability and service.

Insider’s Digital Growth Consultants aligned on the brand’s key priorities. They then used a library of Insider’s pre-approved message templates to quickly create bespoke on-brand messages to submit to WhatsApp for quick approval.

With Insider’s pre-built lead collection templates, the brand built and grew their subscriber base quickly, easily and most importantly, compliantly.

Tens of thousands of opt-ins were collected in a number of days using a cross-channel strategy which included Web, Mobile, Web Push, POS, and even a QR code on physical receipts.

The Results


In just six business days and with the help of Insider’s pre-approved WhatsApp templates, the retailer was able to send 1:1 messages about the moments that matter most; from event reminders and order updates, to customer support and service notifications.

With a 97% open rate, WhatsApp is one of the most effective channels to recover lost revenue, encourage returning users, increase customer loyalty value, and gather zero-party customer data.

“We’d hit a wall when it came to improving metrics using traditional channels. We weren’t sure where to start when it came to using WhatsApp as a complementary channel. Insider was able to de-mystify the entire process. The roll-out was fantastic. I was hesitant about claims of short timescales and a lack of internal resources, but we were live within 6 days rather than 6 months. The go-live was largely thanks to Insider’s pre-approved templates—which were submitted on our behalf to reduce efforts from my own team. The initial results were phenomenal. WhatsApp has already provided a significant bump to our conversion rate, customer lifetime value and—crucially—revenue. We’re excited to now leverage Insider’s WhatsApp capabilities in a more sophisticated way as part of our zero-party data collection strategy. We’re already exploring conversational commerce via two-step conversational messages which adapt based on a user’s responses.”

CRM and Customer Loyalty Director

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