Global fashion retailer uplifts conversion rate by 757% with likelihood to purchase segment


Founded in 1988, the global fashion retailer now operates in 35 countries with 784 physical stores and 30 native eCommerce websites. Each website is visited by thousands of consumers everyday.

The challenge of turning visitors into first-time buyers

One of the primary challenges of fashion e-retailers is to re-engage their visitors once they leave a website. Sending out e-mails is a common way to drive visitors back, yet it is not the most direct channel in most cases.

Another challenge faced by the e-retail industry is the ability to segment visitors based on their future buying behaviour to ensure marketers target the right groups of audiences.

The global fashion retailer was looking to target their visitors who are most likely to make a purchase so that they can re-engage them with relevant messages to drive conversions and turn them into first-time buyers. 

Identifying visitors who are more likely to make a purchase

Beyond understanding online behaviours of visitors, today’s marketers in the eCommerce industry are more concerned with predicting the future buying behaviour of their visitors.

The fashion retailer was looking to segment visitors based on how likely they are to make a purchase in order to target them with relevant messages and offers.

Using Insider’s predictive modelling technology, the company was able to target visitors with a low and high likelihood to purchase score by leveraging the ready-to-use actionable segments. 

Re-engaging visitors with enticing web push notifications to increase revenue

Whether the goal is to drive customers back to your site, encourage them to complete their purchase or inform your audiences about the latest news & promotions, web push provides an unparalleled opportunity to engage with your off-site audiences, without having their contact information. Notifications are delivered directly to a user’s browser, no matter what website they are viewing. A user can access the content instantly, simply by clicking on the notification which will take them directly to the website.

This is an opt-in service, which is why securing visitor engagement is an essential foundation for the effectiveness of this process.

With its highly noticeable nature, web push armed marketers at the company with a powerful new channel to deliver highly unique user experiences, increasing conversion rates and yielding an above-average CTR rate.

Boosting conversions by targeting high likelihood to purchase segment with an enticing web push notification

The global fashion retailer wanted to keep re-engaging visitors who have not made a purchase to turn them into buyers. An effective and direct way to engage them with eye-catching offers is to send out web push notifications. However, targeting your visitors who are most likely to buy with special offers is a much more effective way to engage the right audiences to drive conversions and revenue.

By targeting a high likelihood to purchase segment with a web push notification announcing their yearly sale has started, using Insider’s web push technology, the company was able to re-engage visitors and increase conversion rates significantly.


As a result of the web push campaign sent out to the predictive segment, the site saw a 757% uplift in e-commerce conversion rate compared to the site’s average. The global retailer is now able to use actionable segments based on visitors’ likelihood to purchase score. Sending out web push notifications they can directly reach out to those visitors who have abandoned the site, right on their desktops, to keep them coming back.

“Insider’s predictive modelling and segmentation technology provided us invaluable insight into the future buying behaviour of our customers. Easily accessible and ready-to-use predictive segments allowed us to directly target those visitors who are most likely to make a purchase, helping us optimize our marketing budget besides observing a significant uplift.”

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