W.KRUK increases revenue per session by 51% with AI-backed cart abandonment solutions

About W.KRUK

Established in 1840, in Poland, W.KRUK is a historical jewellry company that creates timeless and unique pieces. Using traditional goldsmith techniques, the jewellry house has a solid legacy and reputation, becoming the leading supplier of Rolex watches in the country.
Cart Abandonment: A Challenge for eCommerce Giants
Moving into the digital era, W.KRUK established a successful online store, but was facing a challenge that is painful for most eCommerce giants: high cart abandonment rates. To battle this pain on their digital touchpoints, mobile and desktop web, W.KRUK partnered with Insider. Our goal was to increase WKRUK’s sales, fighting cart abandonment rates while creating tailored customer experiences that resonated their sophistication and legacy. 
Timeless Jewelry, Timely Customer Journeys

To tackle the issue, Insider integrated action layers into each channel through AI-backed visitor segmentation. This would not only target visitors who had not completed purchases, leaving inert products in their shopping carts, but also aim at increasing conversion rates by enticing brand loyalty with personalized customer journeys.

On mobile web,

an open cart notification window was integrated on the homepage to alert returning visitors that there were products left in their carts.
A personalized reminder was triggered when visitors were about to leave the website, notifying them about products in their carts. The reminder was leveraged by Insider’s Exit Intent technology for mobile web.

On desktop web,

timely push notifications were sent one hour after users added the product to their shopping carts if the purchase was not completed.

An entrance cart recovery notification window was integrated to the homepage, which kept the shopping cart opened with the non-purchased products in it. 


After testing the mobile scenarios, W.KRUK saw a 10,5% increase on the Click-Through Rate (CTR) on their mobile web touchpoint. On desktop web, cart abandonment notifications increased conversion rates by 23%, while the entrance cart recovery also increased W.KRUK’s conversions by 11,56%, and allowed for a Revenue Per Session uplift of 51%.

“Once we partnered with Insider, our whole perception of digital retail changed. Their ideas, their vision, and expertise helped us replicate our unique offline shopping experiences to online customers across our digital channels. The results were unprecedented: conversion rates uplift and a significant increase in growth of customer databases. Insider’s account management offers a tailored support and experience, looking after our local team with great care. We will surely be working with them again for a long time to come.”

Bartłomiej Twardosz

eCommerce Manager

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