Via achieves 80x ROI with Insider’s personalized onsite experiences




CR uplift


CTR increase

About Via

Via is a Brazilian retail company founded through the merger of 3 leading eCommerce companies of the country – Casas Bahia, Ponto, and Extra. Besides having a strong online presence, the brand operates over 1000+ physical stores across Brazil. Aiming to become a leading platform for relationships and consumption, Via serves as an omnichannel platform for top-tier brands. It offers an extensive range of products, services, financial solutions, and logistics to help individual brands and legal entities democratize credit and provide a stellar customer experience. The company is recognized as the go-to destination for products like furniture and home appliances.

Elevating user experience with personalized banners

Via wanted a newer and exciting way to grab customer attention and provide them with interesting and memorable shopping experiences. The marketing team also needed this to be easy to do on their website without requiring a lot of technical expertise.

With Insider's Banner Management feature helped Via's team effectively to create a uniquely tailored experience for each user. The Insider team also further customized the banner feature for Via’s specific requirements of adding a second banner in the space with the use of a slider. The company leveraged Insider’s Banner Management tool and added on different segments such as games, weather, and traffic source.

Using this tool, Via was able to show its customers relevant banners based on their interests, the weather, etc. For example, if the temperature was above 25°C, the banner displayed summer-related products. This made for captivating experiences and kept the users engaged on the website for a longer time, nurturing an interest to purchase. As a result, Via observed a 5% uplift in conversion rates.

Personalized customer engagement with WhatsApp Business API

Via had a growing subscriber base that they wanted to nurture and engage through personalized conversations that are both contextual and in real-time.

Via created a welcome campaign using the WhatsApp Business API to send real-time, triggered welcome messages to their subscribers. ​​They used rules to trigger the message once the shopper entered the “Lead Collected” stage. They combined incentivized discounts with these real-time messages to influence their subscribers to make the first purchase.

Via achieved 50x ROI with this solution, along with a 36% increase in CTR in just three weeks.

Looking Ahead

Via plans to include more channels into its personalization strategy like the mobile app, to be able to offer a complete personalized experience to their customers. They also intend to integrate their CRM with Insider to be able to send attributes and events to Insider to enrich audience segmentation and the user experience. 

“We’re happy that we partnered with Insider. Their team of technology experts supported us through the ideation and execution process, helping us roll out personalized user experiences. Using customization and a multitude of ready-to-use templates, Insider helped us achieve our goals. With the help of Insider’s personalization solutions, we were able to gain an in-depth understanding of our customers’ demands. Armed with this knowledge, we were able to influence them at different stages of their buying journey. This improved our conversion rates and increased our ROI by 80x.”

Viviane Bittar

Marketing Manager at Via

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