UNT doubles revenue per session and reduces cart abandonment

We worked together to decide upon the optimization campaigns for our entire website and started to see the impact on our conversion rate really quickly.


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increase in revenue per session Cart abandonment web push


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About UNT

UNT is a leading skincare and cosmetics brand in the retail cosmetic industry. UNT creates pharmaceutical-grade skincare products, as well as a large range of make-up and nail polish for customers worldwide. UNT stands for being your unique self, enhancing your natural beauty and having the qualities to touch people’s hearts. The brand aims to provide their customers with products that they can trust, effectiveness they can rely on, and quality they don’t have to think twice about.
Using Urgency to Address Cart Abandonment and Boost Conversions

Like any eCommerce retailer, UNT was facing the frustrating issue of cart abandonment. Users would browse their site, fill their cart with items and then simply…disappear. The company wanted to find a way to boost their conversion rate, and tackling cart abandonment was a core element of this challenge.

When UNT approached Insider, they already had two clear goals in mind: they wanted to boost their conversion rate, and also encourage cart-abandoners to return to the website and complete the checkout process.

Implementing Social Proof and Cart Abandonment Push with Insider

Using Insider’s Growth Management Platform, UNT implemented Social Proof on their desktop and mobile sites. They showcased customer reviews and also indicated the number of times a particular product had been viewed in the last 24 hours. The aim was to give users confidence about their product choice(s), and create a sense of urgency that would drive quicker purchase decisions.

Then they turned their attention to the cart-abandoners. UNT knew that they needed to retarget and re-engage those users with personalized communications to bring them back to the website to complete the checkout process.

They leveraged Insider’s Cart Abandonment Push to retarget users on both the desktop and mobile sites, showing them an image of the product that had been left in their cart to create a sense of urgency and encourage them to complete their purchase.

146% Conversion Rate Uplift and Double the Revenue per Session

The two-pronged approach for boosting the conversion rate was a huge success. Combining Social Proof and Cart Abandonment Push more than doubled the revenue per session.

Implementing Cart Abandonment Push led to a 146% uplift in conversion rates (compared to the average for all traffic sources) and a 284% increase in revenue per session.

The impact of Social Proof was just as impressive, with an 8.53% Conversion Rate uplift and 105% higher revenue per session.

“Right from the start of our partnership, we found Insider to be a truly passionate and professional team. Their advice, based on a wealth of experience in the eCommerce industry, has been invaluable. We worked together to decide upon the optimization campaigns for our entire website and started to see the impact on our conversion rate really quickly. Whenever there is a new feature launched, the team at Insider promptly engages with us to see how we can leverage it for better performance. We are happy to work with Insider because they are always actively assisting us in achieving our goals.”

Vicky Chou

Digital Marketing

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