Retail giant Ulmart uplifts conversion rate by 10.49% with email personalization

About Ulmart

Russian retail giant Ulmart, the 45th biggest retailer in the world according to Deloitte, is a 100% online retailer and all orders are made through the company’s website. The company’s logistics infrastructure includes 34 urban and four suburban centers that receive orders, and more than 440 delivery points, called Ulmart Outposts. Ulmart’s network covers more than 250 cities in Russia, and the multi-product internet platform offers more than 120,000 products.
Increasing Email Subscription Rates to Gather Data

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to engage customers, but mass mailing will ultimately prove to be an inefficient strategy, leading many users to unsubscribe and potentially giving your business a bad reputation. Collecting email addresses from visitors poses another challenge for marketers. Many e-commerce sites target visitors with email capture lightboxes as soon as they arrive on the site, which are usually dismissed. Ulmart wanted to convert more website visitors into email subscribers and collect valuable data to create sophisticated customer segments. 


New and returning visitors who had shown an interest in the children’s products category.

Smart Segmentation to Maximize Campaign Performance
Email segmentation dramatically improves email marketing results as it leads to targeted and relevant messaging, increasing conversion rates. To create engaging email campaigns, companies need to have a clear understanding of what is truly relevant to their subscribers. The omnichannel personalization platform Insider helped Ulmart deliver the right message to the right user at the right time, collecting valuable customer data to craft more personalized email campaigns. 
Targeting Through Category Preferences
An email subscription layer was created and only shown to customers who had visited a children’s category page. Visitors were asked to submit the gender and date of birth of their children in order to be informed about new products, promotions, and offers specific to their children’s needs.


Insider’s email subscription personalization increased conversion rate by 10.49% and more than 50,000 visitors became subscribers, enabling Ulmart to collect valuable customer data to deliver more personalized shopping experiences.

“Insider allowed us to better understand customer behavior, identify valuable segments, and communicate our messages in a more personalized and timely manner. The real-time personalization technology of Insider enabled us to optimize our marketing strategy and convert more visitors into email subscribers.”

Igor Kuzmenko

Head of Product Marketing and eCommerce Tools Department

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