How Turkcell increased lead generation by 9.8% and leveraged Insider’s user behaviour analysis capabilities to drive 10.6% of all customer signups

Turkcell Increases Lead Collection and Activation Using Insider


Contribution to total number of activations


Contribution to lead collection

About Turkcell

Turkcell is an established, integrated communications and technology services company. It offers its customers voice, data, TV services and value-added individual and corporate services over their mobile and fixed networks. It is the leading mobile phone operator of Turkey, based in Istanbul. Apart from this, Turkcell also has an e-commerce platform called Turkcell Pasaj which sells a wide range of electrical and electronic appliances.

Easy to use, intelligent products geared for growth

Turkcell was exploring solutions that would help them stitch their vast amounts of customer data together to enable building experiences across multiple channels for their users. Being a telecommunications provider, Turkcell had a need for precise behavior targeting, hyper-personalization, and AI-powered algorithms that will be able to gather and segment user data for the highest marketing efficiency. Insider’s wide range of algorithms and better results during the PoC gave it the edge over other providers considered by Turkcell.

Initially, Turkcell had deployed a number of different, individual AI algorithms for product recommendations on their web and mobile applications. With Insider’s help, they aimed to automate this integral aspect of their customer experience to aid in improved sales.

Growing the customer base using exit-intent triggered lead collection forms

Turkcell had a substantial amount of traffic on their pages for new mobile connections and mobile number transfer from other networks. However, once they left the website, Turkcell didn’t have a means to follow up with them and convert them into their customers.

Understanding the crux of the issue, Insider’s team helped Turkcell implement lead collection forms on their website. Upon detecting exit intent, the forms would pop up, encouraging users to give their contact information for follow-up from Turkcell’s customer service team.

Insider’s lead collection contributed to 9.8% of Turkcell’s lead collection and also Insider’s share in online activation numbers being 10.63%

Looking Ahead

The team at Turkcell is excited by the growth opportunities presented by Insider and has plans to test and try Insider’s omnichannel customer journey builder, Architect, a few months down the road.

"Insider has shown incredible potential as a growth partner for our company. We are in a stage of transformation where we are improving our offerings and tailoring them for our different segments of customers, and Insider has been the ideal platform in helping us execute campaigns across various channels with ease. Insider has had a huge, positive impact on our business, and we are keen on continuing this relationship for long-term success."

Gülçin Alıcı Gökçe

Digital Channels Director

"Insider ’s partnership has been integral to our successful growth over the last few months, and the impact of this has been tremendously positive on our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship and see the ability to have sustained success with Insider."

Fatih Yeşilyurt & Hatice Eraslan

Master Lead Optimization Manager & Master Lead Analytics Optimization Manager

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