Traektoria drives incremental sales across by creating urgency

About Traektoria

Specialist action-sports retailer Traektoria sells clothing, equipment, and accessories from leading industry brands in snowboarding, kiteboarding, surfing, and more. The company prides itself on being always on-trend, and has a regular presence at leading sporting events where they get the chance to watch their customers in action.
Running a Promotion Across a Wide Range of Products
Traektoria was looking to boost sales on a selection of around 200 high-margin, out of season products in their warehouse. They planned to offer a 10% discount on these items, and were looking for a simple way to implement the promotion. This would require showing the promotion on more that 200 product pages across their site. 
Introducing a Sense of Urgency

Together with Insider, Traektoria was able to easily implement this promotion across all selected products. A countdown timer was used on the product pages to create a sense of urgency on the customer’s path to purchase. When someone landed on the page of a product that was included in the promotion, a promotional banner with a countdown timer was shown. Visitors were informed that they had 20 minutes to make their purchase if they wanted to take advantage of the 10% discount.

The visitors were not given a coupon code at this stage. Instead, the coupon was applied automatically at checkout when they went to complete their purchase. This meant that no copy/pasting was necessary and the customer’s journey was uninterrupted. 


The promotion resulted in a 100% increase in the conversion rate for the selected products.

“Running a promotion across such a large number of products was a daunting process. But with Insider, it was easy. We were really impressed by the results, and also by the insights and support from the whole Insider team. It truly is a partnership; we were able to bounce ideas off each other and find the perfect solution to our challenge. There are so many more areas of opportunity with this technology, and we can’t wait to work with Insider and expand our optimization.”

Mariya Zelenkova

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