The Gioi Di Dong increases revenue per session by 17% with split-testing

About The Gioi Di Dong

Leading Vietnamese electronic retailer, The Gioi Di Dong has over 1100 stores in 63 provinces. In 2017, the company saw profits rise to 1bn USD, taking over rival Saigon co.op as Vietnam’s number one consumer electronics retailer. The retail giant has developed a comprehensive online store to support its chain of High Street outlets.
The Gioi Di Dong's Conversion Puzzle

The Gioi Di Dong eCommerce offers a high number of promotions, sales packages and features that were cluttering the pages and hindering the customer journey, harming conversions and stopping users along the sales funnel.  

With so much to offer, The Gioi Di Dong’s biggest challenge was to deliver personalized experiences on mobile web that wouldn’t overwhelm but entice their customers, smoothing over the path to purchase. Collaborating with Insider, the retail giant experimented with different layouts of product pages, CTA content, and button design and positioning. 

The Test for Success

Using Insider’s segmentation technology, The Gioi Di Dong’s new customization focused on mobile users, where most of their customer traffic is concentrated. Four page options were then implemented to split test. After designing and implementing the pages, the four main differences were as follows:

  • Option 1 – The original The Gioi Di Dong product page
  • Option 2 – A shortened design of the original product page, removing some of the information
  • Option 3 – The original design, but with a higher placed and more noticeable call to action
  • Option 4 – The shortened design of the original page with a higher placed and more noticeable call to action

And the Winner is...

After substantial testing, option 3 proved to be the best option. With the original design, visitors had all the buying information they needed, and with a higher placed call to action, it was clear what they needed to do to buy the product. As a result, revenue per session of option 3 was 16.9% higher than the other three pages. The main issues regarding the other pages were the bad positioning of their CTA buttons and the lack of crucial product information the visitor needed to make a positive and smooth buying decision. In essence, it was not easy for The Gioi Di Dong’s visitors to buy.

The Gioi Di Dong story highlights that with contextual and highly relevant mobile web personalization, brands can create tailored customer experiences that smooth over their path to purchase, boosting revenue and enticing customer loyalty along the way.

“Insider has been an outstanding partner, helping us take customer experiences to the next level and boost our conversion rates significantly. Their expertise and powerful, easy-to-integrate growth management platform has allowed us to leapfrog the learning and development phases of experience optimization and personalization. With their tools, we were able to jump straight to value creation, and achieved more than 2-digits ROI uplift in the first few months of our partnership. As a data-driven company, we measure everything that we do through rigorous A/B testing. With Insider, we have achieved very significant increases in key performance metrics and have learned a lot about our users real-time and predicted behavior. Optimizing the product page on our mobile website with Insider’s mobile web technology, allowed us to increase our revenue per session by over 17%. Insider’s unique technology helps us create highly-tailored customer experiences, strengthening our relationship to a long-lasting success.”

Tung Jacob

Product Director

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