How The First Group drives leads with A/B testing and notifications

About The First Group

The First Group is Dubai’s leading developer of landmark properties, offering investors the opportunity to profit from the city’s booming hotel industry. They build landmark hotels in high demand areas and sell rooms and suites to private individuals, providing them with great returns.
Increase Engagement, Gather Leads
Getting visitors to your website starts a conversation with your brand. Getting those visitors to engage with your content is a crucial next step in capturing and nurturing potentially valuable leads. The First Group wanted to encourage visitors to download a copy of their investment guide – the Dubai Holiday Investment Report – and was searching for a simple, effective way to do so. 
Increase Engagement, Gather Leads
The personalization was implemented on all pages of the site, and targeted visitors that had not taken any action for 15 seconds. 
A Powerful Combination of Notifications and A/B Testing
Using Insider, The First Group was able to deliver a message to indecisive visitors suggesting that they download a copy of the guide. Alongside this, the company also ran an A/B test which showed a portion of those visitors one of five different messages. This double approach enabled the business to gather data not only about the effectiveness of notifications as a conversion driver but also dig deeper into what made users tick in terms of messaging.
The First Group saw a significant increase in the conversion rate for customers that were shown the notification, resulting in an uplift of guides downloaded. The A/B test allowed the company to gain a better understanding of what their visitors respond to, which they can use to further refine future notification activities.

“We are highly impressed by Insider’s capabilities and the insights they enable. Not only were we able to target our visitors in an effective way, we were also able to capture valuable data about what makes our clients convert in terms of copy and messaging. Insider has quickly become a must-have tool in our digital marketing arsenal, and one that we plan to utilize more and more to help us reach our goals.”

Joe Ruby

Vice President Direct Marketing

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