eBetting company STS smooths the path to registration for first-time visitors

About STS

Star-Typ Sport (STS) is Poland’s largest betting company and sponsor of Polish National Football Team, with a hugely popular web and mobile site through which customers can bet on a wide range of sporting and socio-political events. STS also streams around 1,000 live sporting events per month on its site – free to registered users – including football, tennis, volleyball and basketball. Founded in 1997, the company has more than 420 physical stores across the country.
The First Step on the Path to a Valuable Relationship

Online betting is a highly competitive industry, with many different sites vying for players’ attention. It’s common industry practice to offer registration bonuses – where a new player is rewarded for signing up with a bonus amount of credit in their account. This can be a very effective first step in building a valuable, long-term relationship with a customer.

But with so much choice for potential players, how can online betting businesses make their offer stand out? STS wanted to explore this, with the aim of increasing new player registrations. They turned to Insider for advice. 

Simplicity is Key

People are easily put off by complex web forms, which is why these pages often have a high bounce rate. The first step for STS was to optimize their registration form, making it appear quick and easy to complete. Using Insider, the original, more complex, form was replaced with a simple three-step version that required minimal effort from users and made it easy for them to claim their bonus and start playing.

After the form had been optimized, the next step was getting new players to visit it. Using Insider, STS created a “first-time visitor” segment for visitors that had not been to the site before. Visitors from this segment were shown a prominent banner, encouraging them to register and claim their bonus. After clicking on the banner, the visitor was taken directly to the new-look form where they could quickly complete their registration. 


The activities were a huge success, resulting in a 9% uplift in registrations.

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