How a global luxury fashion retailer boosted its SMS subscriber base and achieved a 25% increase in opt-in rates using Insider’s Gamified SMS Opt-in Templates


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 opt-in rate


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A global retail leader in luxury fashion

This multi-brand luxury retailer has been setting fashion trends for decades. As a luxe leader, they are well-known and recognized in the market, and have successfully completed a digital transformation to serve consumers online with seamlessly personalized experiences.

The Challenge

Gathering opt-ins from scratch and building a successful SMS strategy

This global leader understood the importance of having a messaging-first approach to customer engagement. However, they were worried about tackling subscriber growth from scratch. They’d experimented with bulk SMS messaging before but had previously lost more subscribers than they’d gained— engagement and return on investment were major concerns.

Knowing the impact that a good SMS strategy could have on their business, they wanted to explore ways of growing their SMS subscriber base, maintaining a positive in-flow of opt-ins, minimizing opt-outs, and maximizing channel penetration by creating highly engaging and relevant SMS campaigns.

It was also crucial for the brand to get SMS up and running quickly to beat the competition and lead the market in time for their busiest seasons. 

Growing subscribers 7X faster with gamified opt-ins

The brand ran strategic opt-in campaigns by placing different types of templates on distinct pages, such as product pages, home page exit intent, and category pages. They also used a combination of overlay and gamified opt-in templates in which users could open a surprise holiday gift by sharing their phone number for SMS opt-in. By using Insider’s gamified web and app opt-in templates, the brand managed to grow their subscriber base 7X faster than average.

Since these opt-in templates were pre-built by Insider, the team was able to launch new SMS campaigns in a few hours. The best part was that since these templates were auto-responsive, they needed zero coding effort to scale the same campaign to other devices. As a result, their SMS opt-in rate went up by 25%.

Improving channel performance and engagement rate with predictive segmentation 

To maximize engagement rate and minimize opt-outs, the brand needed advanced segmentation capabilities to ensure they sent relevant messages to the right audience—rather than bulk SMS messages to their entire subscriber base.

Using Insider’s auto-generated predictive segments, the brand could target the right audience based on their interest cluster and discount affinity. They leveraged segmentation to run highly successful holiday campaigns based on user behavior, action, and preference. This resulted in a 5X increase in engagement and conversion rate.

Nourishing channel growth with post-purchase campaigns

The brand doubled down on delivering trustworthy, post-purchase experiences using transactional SMS messages to add more value to different transactions such as order confirmation, payment confirmation, shipment notification, and more. This further solidified their engagement strategy and resulted in a 23% increase in channel penetration.

Running high-value campaigns with effortless automation

Using Insider’s cross-channel journey orchestration tool, the brand could automate complex campaigns with ease. Based on trigger rules, they could also send important messages—such as price alerts, back-in-stock alerts, and cart reminders—to improve recovered revenue and conversion rate.

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