How Skycash increases ancillary revenue through geofence-based targeting

With Insider’s geofence technology we were able to promote add-on purchases to our customers and improve our ancillary revenue by 128%.


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About Skycash

Skycash is a leading Digital Wallet Company in the Fintech industry in Poland. Almost 2 million people in Poland use Skycash solutions including Visa, MasterCard, LOT and the City of Warsaw. Today the company is a leader in the Polish travel market with over 80% market share.
Optimizing Every Stage of the Customer Experience

Ancillary sales provide a major chunk of revenue for Skycash and as a result, the marketing team at Skycash was on the lookout for a solution that would have made these ancillary offerings a must-have for their customers.

The ancillary offers were:

-Genuine travel assistance items like travel insurance, extra legroom, and more
-Offered at the most logical pricing to make sure that the customer gains the most value of the complementary products
-Only rolled out to people 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure to drive urgency

Skycash partnered with Insider to bolster the sales of ancillary offerings using geofence technologies.

Reminding Users to Make Last-Minute Add-on Purchases with Personalized Mobile Push Notifications

Skycash designed personalized geofence campaigns in 7 cities. The last-minute ancillary offerings were only provided to people who entered a designated geofence area 24 hours before their flight.

The users who bought their tickets from Skycash’s mobile app and had their flight in the next 24 hours were targeted. Skycash used Insider’s AI-based predictive segmentation to build a diverse repository of clients based on their preferences, behaviors and likelihood to purchase. With Predictive segments, Skycash’s team were able to target the ideal pool of customers who were more likely to make ancillary purchases and boost Skycash’s revenue considerably.

Once these users entered the geofence area on their way to the airport, they received personalized ancillary push notifications reminding them to purchase travel insurance.

128% Increase in Ancillary Revenue with Geofence-based Targeting

Using Insider’s Geofence technology, the brand boosted their ancillary revenue collection by 128%, while improving their push engagement by 30%.

“Insider’s Growth Management Platform has been a tremendous weapon in our arsenal. With Insider’s geofence technology we were able to promote add-on purchases to our customers and improve our ancillary revenue by 128%. Insider’s growth consultants have been along with us all the way providing their local and industrial expertise and have made sure that there were no hiccups down the road. The Insider Growth Management Platform requires little to no assistance to use, it’s an immensely powerful suite of nifty features which has helped us improve our revenue exponentially.”

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