Chinese luxury brand Shanghai Tang drives conversion rate by 61%

About Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang, founded in 1994, is a proud and pioneering ‘Created by Chinese’ luxury brand recognized internationally for its authentic craftsmanship and unique designs served with a dash of humor, irreverence, and disruptive edge. As a proudly ‘Created by Chinese’ brand, they deliver to the global audience a disruptive and modern take on Chinese culture, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. Shanghai Tang offers a wide range of lifestyle collections steeped in heritage, including iconic products such as Tang jackets, cashmere cardigans with silk lining, silk pajamas, knot clutches, scarves and foulards, Chinese gemstone jewelry, lacquer boxes, and the signature Ginger Flower home fragrance.

Improving The Click-through-rate (CTR) and Conversions with Small Optimizations on Product Pages


Shanghai Tang was looking into ways to increase and optimize their desktop and mobile web experiences while boosting their click-through-rate and conversions. 


As an example, Insider’s growth experts noticed the color of “Add to Cart” buttons on the product listing pages were difficult to see due to the lack of contrast with the background color.

Insider’s team suggested and implemented a shadowing behind the button to make it more visible.


The brand saw a whopping 61% increase in the conversation rate and 112% CTR uplift. This shows that even a small change on your product pages can make all the difference.

How do you get them back?

Shanghai Tang started talking to their visitors right on their browser tabs as soon as they exited their site. Using tab talk helped the brand achieve 60% conversion rate uplift and 5% uplift in the average order value (AOV).

Overall, this proves just how vital it is to ensure a flawless UI and UX, as well as facilitating user journeys particularly when a cart is abandoned. Insider’s Growth Management Platform allowed Shanghai Tang to monetize their UX/UI by optimizing the funnel.

“We were impressed with the effortless integration and ease of the whole process with Insider. The team has been a vital part in supporting our work and an extended part of driving our business goals. Given the short span of campaign period, we had managed to see great ROI results in only the first month of collaboration, very impressive given the length of time given to complete.”

Janice Chow

eCommerce Manager

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