How Rowenta Uplifts CR by +17%  

Learn how Rowenta use Insider to Increase Conversion Rate, Revenue and Engagement of the customers by using AI-Powered Personalization & Gamification.


Incremental revenue uplift Cart reminder notifications


Conversion rate uplift InStory

About Rowenta

Ever the pioneer, German brand Rowenta has captivated the most demanding consumers with high-quality products. Rowenta offers a wide range of products that combine unrivalled technological performance, refined design, and a high level of user-friendliness.

Its mission is to ensure the day-to-day well-being of its users thanks to intelligent solutions for vacuum cleaners, irons, steam generators, hair dryers and epilators.

Gamification templates for lead collection

Turning anonymous website visitors into subscribed customers is a challenge most brands face. With the lack of an incentive, new customers often drop off without completing the first purchase. Rowenta wanted an interactive means to get their first-time website visitors to complete the purchase while also improving the lead collection on their website.

With the wheel of fortune gamification, Rowenta offers users a chance to spin the wheel to get a coupon code in exchange for their email address.

The discount coupon gave the customers an incentive to complete their first purchase. The wheel of fortune helps convert anonymous website visitors into leads that marketers can nurture into customers in the long run. This proved to be a win-win situation for both Rowenta and its customers.

Improved Conversion Rate through customized onsite engagement based on targeting website visitors with Instagram-like gamified stories

Rowenta wanted to control how users are notified of special offers, limited-time deals, and new inventory in their showrooms. With Insider's help, Rowenta successfully implemented InStory. By targeting website visitors with Instagram-like gamified stories to improve engagement.

InStories are thumbnail stories that expand into immersive experiences with exclusive offers, limited-time deals, and new showroom merchandise. Through these micro-experiences, showroom visits, bookings, and sales increase.

Personalized push notifications to cut cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a huge problem in the personal technology sector, with industry-wide abandonment rates going as high as 90%. However, Insider solved this problem for Rowenta.

Using a wide range of re-engagement tools, the company targeted specific user segments with automated Web Push notifications. This allowed them to engage with potential cart abandoners, send personalized notifications, and get them to return to shop.

Looking Ahead

Up ahead, Rowenta will look to Insider’s powerful AI-backed segmentation and personalization capabilities to fuel their most important campaigns targeting seasonal shoppers.

The brand plans to continue optimizing the AOV metric across its onsite engagement by using Insider, with a focus on certain product categories.

In the upcoming months, Rowenta will look to enhance their personalization and strengthen their segmentation to deliver more individualized customer experiences.

“Quick and simple integration, deep segmentation,
and ready-to-use templates.”

Carles Aragones

E-commerce & CRM Manager at Rowenta – Groupe SEB

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