How Raízs achieved 10X ROI in just 6 months of using Insider’s personalization and journey orchestration

About Raízs

Raízs is the first and largest company to connect the small organic producer to the table in large urban centers. As part of their commitment to organic produce, they work with 800 producers who are all certified and audited by IBD, which is the leading organic certification organization in Latin America. In addition, they partner with many cooperatives from the south to the Amazon. Raízs aims to value and empower family farmers by providing them with all the support they need, from technical support during planting and harvesting to fair-price marketing. Unlike other growing companies, Raízs only harvests after the customer has confirmed their purchase, which ensures freshness, quality, and prevents waste.

Retargeting dormant customers with personalized web push notifications

Raízs wanted to reactivate passive customers who had not purchased for the past 3 to 6 months. The company was looking for a platform that could help identify customer segments and retarget them with relevant offers tailored to their interests.

To engage these 'missing' loyal customers, Insider recommended segmented web push notifications, such as coupons and free shipping. By mapping out unique journeys, Raízs was able to identify these dormant customers and send them web push notifications.

In just 6 months, Raízs observed an ROI of 10X from these web push campaigns.

Bringing back users who have abandoned subscription forms with web push

The brand wanted to improve the sign-up rates for their subscription model. They wanted to explore ways to entice more users to fill out the subscription form on the website and subscribe to weekly packages with products based on their preferences - organics, vegetables, fruits etc.

The growth consultants at Insider, having understood the objective, recommended the use of Architect to create unique journeys to bring back users who have abandoned the subscription form. Raízs created unique journeys for users who had left the subscription form by scheduling web push notifications after a set time. Raízs could also schedule cart recovery and browse recovery web push notifications using Architect.

In the first six months, Raízs observed a 10X ROI from these recovery web push notifications.

Building engagement and conversations with customers using WhatsApp Business API

Raízs wanted to engage with their customers on a personal note and understand their experience on the website and gather customer feedback. The brand also wanted to compliment the website experience with an emerging messaging channel.

Having understood the intention, the growth consultants at Insider recommended the use of WhatsApp Business API as a channel to recover cart abandonment. Raízs has over 2K subscribers who have opted in to receive WhatsApp communications. Users who have abandoned their cart would receive a WhatsApp message asking if they were satisfied with the experience. Those users who replied “No” would get a coupon for free delivery and a redirect to the website to complete their transaction.

Raízs observed a 32.30% response rate, and 7.99% conversion rate from WhatsApp campaigns.

Looking Ahead

In the near future, Raízs will look to explore Insider’s email capabilities and advanced architect integration to target users more effectively and deliver individualized experiences that are tailored to each individual user’s behavior.

Raízs is already exploring advanced journey orchestration using Insider, where an extensive range of features offered through Architect will be put to use to engage customers with the most relevant experiences across channels.

Our experience with Insider has been positive from the beginning, quick integration to getting started with the web push tool. In a period of 6 months with strategic and operational support from the Insider team, we created and improved our journeys with segmentation, cart abandonment and omnichannel strategy. With this we achieved over 10x return on our investment and today we are exploring new channels and customizations, for example, the use of Whatsapp and email journeys.

Bianca Reame

Marketing Manager

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