ProductPro drives conversion rate by +25% with immersive product discovery

About ProductPro

ProductPro is an O2O (Online to Offline) store dedicated to collecting the world’s most exciting products through two major purchase channels: Kickstarter & Indiegogo. ProductPro curates lifestyle products with creativity enthusiasts worldwide. At present, the company operates with more than 100 suppliers, covering smart homes, outdoor travel, car accessories, smart wallets, and other uncommon goods. ProductPro is committed to providing customers a better shopping experience—effectively synchronizing online and offline discounts and product information. Customers can become members after shopping online or from ProductPro’s physical stores to enjoy continuous discounts and extraordinary finds.
The journey towards delightful, personalized experiences

ProductPro needed a customer engagement platform that could give them a nuanced understanding of how their customers make decisions and how they could use personalization, automation, and testing to get them to act faster.

They wanted a martech solution that could quickly launch one-to-one campaigns, track user behavior across 5,000+ SKUs⁠, and help a small internal team A/B test campaigns and optimize performance without a heavy resource drain. 

Insider’s growth consultants mapped the platform’s capabilities to ProductPro’s specific challenges to shorten their time-to-market. The team also introduced ProductPro to original ways to tap into Insider’s advanced automation capabilities. 

Impressed by the growth consultants’ knowledge and hands-on support, the company chose Insider to understand their customers better and enable relevant and personalized messaging at scale. 

ProductPro saw an immense improvement in their customer journey with Insider and can now provide even more value and deepen connections ⁠— one interaction at a time.

Increasing new visitor conversion and subscription rates

With more than 5,000 SKUs, ProductPro has over 60% of its website traffic coming from new visitors. The growth potential is clear: increasing ProductPro's conversion and subscription rates through enhanced product discovery. 

Seeing high cart abandonment rates, ProductPro knew they had to diversify their customer re-engagement approach beyond email. Insider worked with ProductPro to understand their challenges and help them move closer to their goals. 

Growth consultants analyzed ProductPro's website and created an experiment to re-engage and reduce high bounce rates. 

ProductPro focused on recovering users with zero items in their carts, in danger of leaving the funnel. Insider implemented exit-intent messaging encouraging these shoppers to "Become a Member - Buy More, Save More" with two different variations.

The variable group had the "Register Now" call to action (CTA) — the control group didn't. Two types of buttons were created to increase the likelihood of higher conversion click-throughs.

ProductPro also increased new subscribers and gained +25% new registrations from users who landed on their website in less than one month.

Improving the Product Discovery

There are over 5,000 SKUs on ProductPro's website—with so many choices, it became a challenge to narrow down each user's experience and discovery process. 

Using Insider’s InStory, bite-sized stories that expand from a thumbnail to a full-screen immersive experience, ProductPro curated one-to-one experiences for its desktop and mobile website visitors.

They created visually rich onsite InStories for a variable group—the control group didn't see them. The variable experiment resulted in a +25% conversion rate uplift and a 1.65% average order value (AOV) uplift through immersive product discovery. InStory improved users' discovery experience and revealed that those who consumed stories were more likely to convert into buyers. 

Looking Ahead

Implementing personalization with targeted segmentation enhances each customer’s experience. InStory improved product discovery and brought a familiar yet exciting experience to new visitors. Looking ahead, ProductPro will continue to work with Insider to advance InStory automation to gain a nuanced understanding of their customers’ needs, interests, and preferences.


“We have a high volume of SKUs and are rapidly growing. Our current focus is delivering the most relevant products to the right users when it counts. We've seen a very supportive, hands-on approach from Insider—they've mapped solutions to our challenges and helped our small team execute our desired campaigns—immensely improving high cart abandonment rates. Insider takes a professional and consultative approach that's a perfect fit for our company's culture.”

Logan So

eCommerce Manager, ProductPro

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