POPLOOK achieves over 20x ROI using Insider

POPLOOK’s journey with Insider was a smooth one free of any issues, with the account management team from Insider always available for any support required at all points in time.


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Modesty, choice, quality, affordability, inclusion and social awareness are the values that underpin the POPLOOK label. With over 1,500 design options; sizes from XS to 4XL; and a seamless online/in-store shopping experience, Malaysia’s homegrown Modest Fashion Label hopes to help all women live their best life through fashion. 

The fashion label carries clothing, headscarves, handbags and shoes as well as a children’s range. Each year, the not-for-profit POPLOOK Gives Back campaign channels proceeds to charities that benefit women and children in need. Since its inception in 2009, the label has won numerous accolades, but the most important being the brand of choice to their customers seeking high quality modest fashion.

Improving user engagement and brand exposure using interactive push notifications

POPLOOK wanted to engage with their users better on their website and mobile app, and leverage this traffic to improve their exposure on social media.

POPLOOK implemented interactive push notifications with the help of the team at Insider. These notifications conveyed to their users that POPLOOK was indeed checking out their tagged posts and hashtags on social media, and hoped that the word of mouth generated from this would further increase their brand exposure.

Out of 40k notifications delivered, there was a 3% open rate immediately after they received it. This indicates that fun and interactive campaigns are effective in getting users to take action, helping improve the recall value of the POPLOOK brand.

Promoting a new collection without discouraging users using email.

POPLOOK wanted to blast attractive information about their new collection for Raya, but without appearing spammy and sales oriented. 

The account management team suggested the use of Insider’s email platform to send customer-centric emails with user friendly content and structuring in a tried and tested format designed to encourage opens and clicks. This was sent to over 175k recipients in their database.

The email campaign was a success with 99.4% delivery, and a 23% click to open rate. 

Enticing customers to upgrade membership using email surprises.

POPLOOK wanted to make their customers feel like they’re a part of something exclusive with special benefits and perks by moving up the membership tiers. 

Using the email solution creatively, POPLOOK, with Insider’s help, sent emails with surprise restricted access tier-upgrade with the option to claim their “level-up gift” after the next purchase. To speed up actions and create a sense of urgency, customers were also given a deadline to activate this.

The emailed were delivered to over 98% of recipients, and nearly 50% of them were opened, while 9% further clicked on the link in the email.

Looking Ahead

POPLOOK has already kicked-off the POC with Insider for the WhatsApp messaging feature. They also aim to migrate from inMail to email soon.

Constantly evolving, responsive, and reliable

“Insider has impressed us at every step in our journey with them. By carefully listening to our feedback, they have worked on improving their products to offer features that we look for, and this way, they keep their product evolving to always meet our demands and expectations. Their incredible support team also deserves special mention for always going the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.”

Iman Atira

Digital & Performance Executive, Poplook

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