PizzaPortal sees double-digit conversion rate uplift with gender prediction

About PizzaPortal

A Delivery Hero company, is the largest and fastest growing online food-ordering service in Poland. Offering access to more than 2500 restaurants in one place, customers can find, among others, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Turkish, and Vietnamese cuisines.
Surfacing the Most Relevant Options

Eating habits are shaped by various factors ‒ such as the time of year/day, age, geographical location, ethnicity, urban versus rural upbringing ‒ among which gender is one of the leading influential determinants. It is observed that men prefer burgers and pizza, while women are more inclined to order a healthier dish, consuming fruits, yogurt, and salad more than their male counterparts.

This distinction creates a challenge for online food ordering companies, which need to identify their users’ gender in order present them with the food options they are more likely to choose.

Apart from gender, specific times and events affect the way people eat. During important football matches, for example, people (especially men) are more likely to order food online, to eat while sitting in front of television criticizing the referee. 


Users who are predicted to be male are targeted on the days on which there’s an important football match.

Users who are predicted to be female are targeted with a personalized homepage. 

User Profiling to Provide Optimized Experiences
Insider’s predictive platform automatically creates behavior-based customer clusters, helping online marketers discover the age, gender, income, likelihood to buy, lifetime value, and churn risk of their customers. Machine-learning algorithms analyze complicated user data and build comprehensive user profiles, enabling brands to optimize their marketing strategies with personalized online experiences in real-time.
Scoring with Smartly-Timed Personalization
Users whose gender was predicted as female were presented with healthy food restaurants when they visited, whereas males were displayed burger and pizza restaurants during football matches.


Identifying customers’ gender, Insider’s predictive platform helped PizzaPortal deliver relevant experiences through a personalized homepage. PizzaPortal saw a double-digit uplift in conversion rates.

“Working with more than 2500 restaurants comes with its own challenges. To reduce the complexity within the customer journey, picking the relevant restaurants and surfacing the right information about customers is a must. With Insider we are able to understand our customers better and respond in real-time to optimize their experience.”

Ewa Szczepaniak

Marketing Director

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