Pierre Cardin reduces cost per acquisition by 67% with predictive segments

Insider smashed that target and brought our Cost Per Acquisition down by 67.95%, a huge (and a very welcome) surprise!


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About Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is one of France’s oldest, most iconic brands. The fashion house was founded by avant-garde designer Pierre Cardin in 1950, and since then, the brand has become a household name, offering clothing, accessories, jewellery, fragrances and more.
Building Captivating AdWords Campaigns

As one of the world’s largest fashion houses, the French multinational focuses a lot on their brand image and the way in which loyalists interact with their brand. The marketing team at Pierre Cardin dedicates a significant amount of their advertising efforts to attracting new customers and building loyalty among their existing ones.

In this day and age, successful online advertising demands innovative and excellent ideas, and maximizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is becoming increasingly difficult. As Pierre Cardin’s team explained, “advertisement-based customer acquisition and interaction is becoming more and more expensive as we speak. We have seen a staggering increase in the fashion industry when it comes to the cost of acquiring customers, which ultimately reduces our Return On Ad Spend.”

In search of the perfect solution, Pierre Cardin discovered Insider’s Predictive Ad Audiences.

How Predictive Ad Audiences Resonated with Pierre Cardin’s Vision

Insider’s Predictive Ad Audiences (PAA) allowed Pierre Cardin to segment their user base by employing AI-backed technology, helping them tailor their ad budgets according to their customers’ specific behaviours. This included segmentation based on a customer’s lifecycle status (e.g. high churn risk), likelihood to purchase, discount affinity and more.

The team at Pierre Cardin utilized PAA by creating customer segments according to their online behaviours, based on real-time, historical and predicted data, and targeted customers who displayed the intent to make a purchase.

This resulted in a combination of wins for Pierre Cardin. The brand saw an amazing uplift in conversions of about 445%, as well as a huge boost to their Return On Ad Spend, which stood at 164.83%.

The effect of these combined led to a 67.95% reduction in Pierre Cardin’s Cost Per Acquisition.

“At Pierre Cardin, we focus heavily on providing the best possible apparel, merchandise, and retail experiences to our customers. When we approached Insider to guide our advertising program, they introduced their Predictive Ad Audiences platform to our advertising arsenal. With their expertise in the advertisement and marketing space, we saw fantastic improvements in our ad performance. The plan was to use Insider’s AI-backed technology to increase our ROAS. They smashed that target, and also brought down our Cost Per Acquisition by 67.95%. This was a huge (and very welcome) surprise!”

Tuba Hamzaoglu

Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager

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