How OTTO Achieved 5% Uplift in Average Order Value Using Onsite Personalization


Uplift in CR


Uplift Conversion Rate on mobile


Uplift in AOV

About OTTO

OTTO  is a home shopping organization and is part of the Otto Group, with branches in more than 30 countries and around 50,000 employees worldwide. Werner Otto founded the company with his mail-order company in Hamburg in 1949. In the 1970s, OTTO began expanding its field of activity, through acquisitions, the organization succeeded in becoming the market leader in Europe, and by 1979, a Dutch subsidiary was added: OTTO B.V. in Tilburg. In the 1990s the OTTO Group was created.

Today, OTTO Group has grown into one of the largest home shopping organizations worldwide, after, and is headquartered in Hamburg. In 2010 OTTO announced a new strategy to be an “online-only” player. Today, OTTO is a provider of among other things, a complete Fashion range, Living and Technology products, and is a company that invests a lot in the long-term relationship with its customers and keeps eco-sustainability at its heart.

Promoting trust and reliability around products to improve purchase decisions.

OTTO wanted to improve the engagement on their product pages, they realized that customers are motivated by positive reviews from other customers. They wanted to show top customer reviews on top of the product images.

Insider’s growth consultants, having understood the desired goal, suggested showing top customer reviews on the product page. Users would see top reviews, dynamically selected from a list of reviews from other customers who have made the same purchase. These reviews would be displayed on top of the product image. Customers are motivated to make a purchase when they are able to relate to the positive experiences of other customers.

These top reviews amplified engagement on the product pages and OTTO observed a conversion rate uplift of 8.73% as well as a 5% uplift in AOV compared to the control group who did not see these reviews on the product page.

Improving user retention on the mobile website by using exit-intent banner overlays

OTTO wanted to find a solution to retain customers on the mobile web when they are about to exit the website. This was critical for OTTO to boost engagement and improve conversions.

Insider suggested implementing an exit-intent overlay on the mobile web when a user showed signs of exiting. This exit-intent banner would display a discount offer to the user if they had added an item to the cart. Insider’s Mobile Web Suite provides solutions to streamline user navigation on the small screen, promote product recommendations based on user intent as well as user-behavior triggered events like exit-intent to help optimize the mobile web experience and improve conversion rates.

Using exit-intent banners OTTO achieved a conversion rate uplift of 15.92%

Promoting peak-season sales by creating a sense of urgency with on-page countdown timers

OTTO wanted to promote sales and create urgency during peak season, to encourage engagement and improve conversions.

Insider’s growth consultants understood the situation and recommended implementing a countdown timer on the website towards the end of the sale period. This static timer would display at the top of the website and work to invoke a sense of missing out as the sale nears the end.

OTTO observed that this countdown timer resulted in a 14.35% conversion rate uplift on the mobile web and 18.66% uplift in conversion on the desktop when compared to the control group who did not see this timer.

Looking Ahead

In the near future, OTTO will look to further optimize the conversion rate and AOV metrics. OTTO will continue using the existing set of tools and explore more insightful ways to optimize their campaigns — drawing on the expertise provided by Insider’s growth consultants.

“Insider’s platform enables us to quickly test campaigns and identify the best performing one to help us improve our onsite experiences. We admire the smooth and quick integrations process as well as the quick support we get from our account managers at Insider in optimizing our campaigns. Besides supporting our AB-testing needs, Insider also delivers an easy to use Web Push department.”

Corny van de Wal

Team manager Shop Development, Production and Design, OTTO

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